Today's Foto "Nancy and Johnny"

This is a photograph that I took for the fashion advertisement. Her name is Nancy. She migrated from Miyazaki to Kokura where I lived. The punk girl completed like this is not around here. She shaved her eyebrow for taking a picture. This advertises T-shirt of the brand named 99%CHAOS that designed by Masa in the ASTROLOUNGE's good customer. In this 99%CHAOS, Sid Vicious is a motif. T-shirts were brake and put up the safety pin like Sex Pistols customized by Nancy. Another photograph can be seen from the link below more on the page of Picasa.


He is a guitarist who has the handle name of Johnny diamond. He was performing in the rock'n'roll garage band named THE SPANKS. Both dressed up because chosen to be fashion model.


DYUMBO "SPLASH" Cover Artwork

This composes by DTM by me, and is a cover artwork of recorded CD. My handle name as the musician is DYUMBO. The name of the album is "SPLASH". CD has not been completed yet. MP3 is being sold at http://www.thesixtyone.com/dyumo/.


It is new work of DOPE EYE design "YANKABILLY" appearance. This is a work that makes Classic Yankee of Japan a theme. It is an item name of Yankabilly that matches the rockabilly and yankee.

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Topic: Japanese Classic Yankee Museum

In this post described about juvenile delinquent "Yankee" in Japan. The yankee is a word that originally indicates the American. However, the juvenile delinquent are called a yankee in Japan. Word "Yankee" written here doesn't indicate the American. It is a start from the fashion street of American Village in Osaka, Japan. The yankee is a fashion that became popular in the 1980's. The Hawaiian shirts and width wide pants become popular in the 1950's were sold in American village. In this post, it describes about the yankee of a classical style that became popular in the 1980's in Japan.


First of all, the feature of yankee's fashion style is described. In 1980's in Japan, American 1950's fashion become popular. Pompadour was basic their hairstyle called "Regent" in Japan. The origin came from Elvis Presley and James Dean. And, it has developed into the permanent wave pompadour of the teddy boy who appeared in the 1980's. Brian Setzer's beauty pompadour of Stray Cats that represented the 1980 year was mimicked by yankees. The adult who exceeded 30 years old suited the pompadour. Because the hair margin is thick, the yankee boys do not become beautiful the pompadour. They therefore acute angle shaved the hair margin. It is called "Sorikomi" in Japanese. The center photograph is Show Ayanocozey by the vocal of a music band famous in Japan "Kishidan." They love the Japanese classic Yankee and are performance by their Yankee style as the parody. He liked the words "Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die", and became their album name. This language is written by the T-shirt of the brand "Seditionaries" of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.
The school rule with Japan fine for a school uniform is decided. Left photographs are the broad trousers which many Yankees like. The Yankee is calling these trousers the "Bontan." Bontan resembles the zoot suit of the 1940-1950s. Bontan also resembles Knickerbockers which was in fashion in the 1800s. Anyway, at the time of a quarrel or confused fighting, probably it was easy to move and beautiful. The form of Bontan is various. The type which four pleats were given to the waist, and skirt width was wide and carried out the rollup like the formal suit of the 1950s. An African trouser type with skirt width narrow like MC Hamar, and extremely wide width of a thigh. This Bontan is worn by the Yankee also out of a school.


Movie Review of the "KAMUI GAIDEN"

This post is a review of the ninja movie of "KAMUI GAIDEN". The original story from manga comic "Kamui Gaiden" by Sanpei Shirato in 1965. New and powerful creater Kankuro Kudo in Japan took charge of the screenwriter. I like movie that he directed. "Kamui" is hero's name. "Gaiden" meaning of another legend. There is a story of the main named The Legend of Kamui in the manga comic. Hero's Kamui doesn't appear so much in this story. The name of Kamui is from word "God" of native people Ainu in the north of Japan. In The Legend of Kamui, the story starts from the Kamui birth. Infancy Kamui appeared from the undermost layer of the feudal society in Edo period (17 century). There was a discrimination class named four occupation in Edo period. Kamui was a class that did not enter the four occupation named Hinin. Hinin was a class under the farmer. Their work was dismantlement of the dying farming oxen and horses, skin and leather work, executioner, etc... There was a lot of public execution in Edo period. Samurai judges the criminal. Hinin work is stabs the criminal to death with the spear. Kamui that disliked discrimination and feudal society pursued strength. Kamui received Ninja's scout. There were a variety methods join to the ninja organization. The technique for forging for myself was expected as for Kamui and the scout was done from the ninja executive. The infant of just the birth might be abducted. The elder sister of Kamui married the farmer. The Legend of Kamui is a story of the farmer, the merchant, the samurai, and the ninja who lives in discrimination and the feudal society. Kamui Gaiden(The another legend of Kamui) is a story that drew the technique and fight of Kamui that escapes from the ninja organization from which it impossible escape absolutely. The ninja doesn't choose the means for the behavior objective. It wins one's end secretly like the spy agent. The technology doesn't become a comparison thing at samurai's military arts level. The ninja organization has an absolute instruction system. When the instruction is disregarded, it is killed. Moreover, it is killed when seceding from the ninja group. There is little contingency fee to construction. The ninja controls feelings. When it fails in the duty and it is restrained by the enemy, it commits suicide. The ninja uses the character of the animal and the plant.

I found the movie with an English title with Youtube. Because it is Youtube, the link might become interrupted. You can see the movie from "Read More".


DOPE EYE "Don't Take Alone!!" T-Shirts

A new design of DOPE EYE appeared. The capsule put on the tongue and red lips is a design of the feature. Pure MDMA in the capsule. As for MDMA, the element of safrole extracted from the camphor tree named Sasafras is chiefly included. The purity of the capsule that the crystal of MDMA entered is high though it is a tablet that circulates. Messege is "Please never don't take alone!". I arranged the body of the faint color for men. Aqua, Light Blue, Ash, Light Pink and White.

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Movie Review of the "The Tale of Zatoichi"

Japanese Samurai Harakiri Action Movie!!

If you like Quentin Tarantino's movie, you like this too!!

Edo Period Film of Massacres with the Japanese Katana!!

Geisha Fujiyama Gangstar vs Blind Masseur!!

Katana concealed in walking stick!!
This is review of my favolite movie "ZATOICHI" series. Shintaro Katsu was famouse action star in Japan. He already died in 1997. Also Shintaro Katsu was prodecer, singer, director and drug freaks. He was arrested by possession cocaine and marijuana in the Hawaii Honolulu International Airport in 1990. He was concealing the drug in the underwear. Shintaro Katsu said, "It was when noticing it" the drug that existed in underwear. After the arrest he said, "I will not take underwear because not do same crime in the future". Zatoichi is his most important work. Zatoichi is a drama by which blind masseur's Iatoichi fights with the gangster. Zatoichi is expert of the Iai. Iai is a technique for cutting it when Katana is pulled out from the sheath. If the first attack is prevented, enemy is cut by next move. Zatoichi in addition loses uselessness in having it in the inverted hand of Katana the movement of the hand. The ear is sharp though he is sightless. The expert of the sword of Japan did not rely on eyes, and concentrated the spirit. If this technique is acquired, it is invincibility. The name of the technique is called "Shingan". The meaning is "Eyes of the mind". Zatoichi is a story of the massage master who travels. He rolled in the trouble. Zatoichi uses the sword concealed in the walking stick. Swordstick is called "Shikomi" in Japan. In the film "Zatoichi and Yojinbo" is Akira Kurosawa's "Yojinbo" "Tsubaki Sanjuro" starring Toshiro Mifune VS Zatoichi. Shintaro Katsu's son performed by "Zatoichi" in 1989 directed by Shintaro Katsu. His son killed the performer with a genuine Katana while taking a picture. It was a scene to which the corpse was pierced with the Katana. The blade cut the carotid artery. In the scene of cutting each other, in the Katana, pretender's Katana is usually used. His son received the circumstances audience from the police said, "The staff prepared a genuine Katana without permission". Prepared Katana was for make more real performance.

I found first movie of this Zatoichi series on Youtube. I paste it after "Read More" though this movie might be erased from Youtube.

Amazing Japanese Manners

In the house in Japan, two swords that are called KATANA are always put on somewhere. When fickleness comes to light, it is cut with KATANA by other party's partner. When the little finger is chopped down for myself, the crime might be permitted. It is necessary to cut the belly with short KATANA when failing because of work. At that time, it is manners in a surrounding person to drop the neck with long KATANA....


Today's Foto "Neigber Goat"

We found this goat near our house. This discovery was glad to us. Because we are animal lovers. We pass here and start his investigation. I named him GO. When it approaches Go, he also approaches. It is however because of being tamed by feeding. He was eating a green grass that had grown on ground. Who is breeding him? Male or Female?