DOPE EYE "Drop Acid not Bombs!!"

The Vietnam War age when love and peace were cried for, and the young man that does not want to be conscripted ran away from home, and became a hippie. However, it does not escape fighting. In order to avoid the battle with Chinese people, Tibetans committed suicide by fire. Their message made Sekai's people think by performance called suicide by fire. China will be exposed to blame from people in the world. Probably, it will be easier than the direction to fight avoids a battle. The message which put anger to such the world is offered. It is never playing a trick.


Recently, the town rubble collapsed came to our town by earthquake and tsunami. It is because our mayor accepted it. Citizens are worried that radioactivity may have adhered to rubble. My friend caused the demonstration in order to prevent it. It was going to stand in front of the track loading with rubble, and was going to prevent carrying in. However, it was arrested by two persons. They were agitated by Facebook and the twitter. The agitator of the demonstration is speaking ill of the bad influence of rubble by the own blog. A friend does not know that a certain profits are concerned with the agitator of a demonstration. They were trifled with and used. If you are out of Japan, all Japan will consider being polluted with radioactivity by it. I will think that north will be polluted if you are in the south in Japan similarly. Although the atomic bomb dropped to Hiroshima destroyed Hiroshima completely, it was one city level. Even as for the atomic bomb developed in order to kill people, there was only only one  influence. This time, the nuclear power plant completely destroyed from tsunami flowed out few radioactivity. Mass media was cried for all over the world with the big speaker. Becoming nervous can be understood. however, it is the same as the housewife who thinks that the news of TV is seen, it resembles the whole neighborhood, and the murderous fiend lurks. It is dangerous to believe the information which flows from mass media, and the information which has fallen on the Internet of you as it is.