DOPE EYE 420 T-Shirts for SALE!!!

This T-shirts is brand new design from the DOPE EYE garments. Last 20th April, Marijuana legalization movement was performed all over the worlds other than Amsterdam or the area where marijuana is lawful.
The meeting which especially exceeds 12000 persons in Vancouver in Canada was held. People who gathered inhaled pot distributed to 4:20 all at once, and performed demonstration activities. The same demonstration same also in North America was held. In Japan, the captors in a psycho-stimulant decrease in number, and the captors in cannabis are increasing in number. People who try to be the first and are competing in capitalist society (Babylon) will think that they are unpleasant. War has not ended. As long as there are people who have fought, true peace will not come. People's direction which follows in the direction which is manipulated by media, and along which everybody walks will be easier than going against a flow. The public the wires are pulled public by capitalist society will turn into the dead who has forgotten even what is noticed true, and will turn into the frog in a well.

I am pleased if this design that put such a hot message reaches you.

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