"National RANDIONE" The Old Bike Restoration 3

This crank was attached to Randione.
A lower photograph is before polishing.
Removing black paint suffered troubles.
All were deleted with the sandpaper.
And it polished by the compound.
It is a very rare 150-mm crank.
It is a Japanese-made brand called SUGINO.

"National RANDIONE" The Old Bike Restoration 2

"National RANDIONE" The Old Bike Restoration 4


Miyata Vintage Sports Bike Restoration & Building

I got the frame of the bicycle brand "MIYATA" representing Japan by Yahoo! Auctions. Also you can see MIYATA Industrial Co, Ltd. detail by Wikipedia. The price was 1,500 yen. The price was 4,400 yen including the shipping cost and the handling fee. I purchased this frame in August, last year. The color was red. The frame was very dirty from rust and oil. I dropped dirt and rust using the sandpaper of No. 600. If a frame is deleted, the natural complexion of steel and a white surfacer can be seen. I was going to polish and paint only a rust portion at the beginning. But, I am pleased with the remains of shaving like leopard spots. Therefore, I also deleted the portion which is not rusty and made the handle with sufficient balance. I flushed shaving powder with water. In polish work, powder disperses. Therefore, I became nakedness and ground in the bathroom. The bathroom was dyed pink with red powder and white powder. When shaving a steel pipe with a water resistant paper, if it deletes horizontally from length, gloss will come out. It is better to be rude in oil by hot water and the organic solvent, before oxidization starts. The surface of steel is good to wipe off water with a kitchen paper. The water which trespassed upon the inside of a frame is good to make it remove in a drier and sunlight. I blew twice the transparent lacquer spray purchased for 198 yen. Paint of the frame was completed. The drop handle was got from neighboring bicycle Schopp for nothing. The bicycle Schopp at whom I dropped in by chance reconditions and sells the thrown-away granny's bicycle. The drop handle neglected besides Schopp was said "I want you to sell" to the storekeeper. Then, the storekeeper yielded me the drop handle. The stem, the brake cable, the brake lever, and the bell were attached to the drop handle. I stripped the old bar tape. And the brake and others also removed. The handle had many corrosion and cracks. I polished the handlebar with the water resistant paper of No. 600. Then, the handlebar regained brightness, so that it was surprised.