Movie Review of the "KAMUI GAIDEN"

This post is a review of the ninja movie of "KAMUI GAIDEN". The original story from manga comic "Kamui Gaiden" by Sanpei Shirato in 1965. New and powerful creater Kankuro Kudo in Japan took charge of the screenwriter. I like movie that he directed. "Kamui" is hero's name. "Gaiden" meaning of another legend. There is a story of the main named The Legend of Kamui in the manga comic. Hero's Kamui doesn't appear so much in this story. The name of Kamui is from word "God" of native people Ainu in the north of Japan. In The Legend of Kamui, the story starts from the Kamui birth. Infancy Kamui appeared from the undermost layer of the feudal society in Edo period (17 century). There was a discrimination class named four occupation in Edo period. Kamui was a class that did not enter the four occupation named Hinin. Hinin was a class under the farmer. Their work was dismantlement of the dying farming oxen and horses, skin and leather work, executioner, etc... There was a lot of public execution in Edo period. Samurai judges the criminal. Hinin work is stabs the criminal to death with the spear. Kamui that disliked discrimination and feudal society pursued strength. Kamui received Ninja's scout. There were a variety methods join to the ninja organization. The technique for forging for myself was expected as for Kamui and the scout was done from the ninja executive. The infant of just the birth might be abducted. The elder sister of Kamui married the farmer. The Legend of Kamui is a story of the farmer, the merchant, the samurai, and the ninja who lives in discrimination and the feudal society. Kamui Gaiden(The another legend of Kamui) is a story that drew the technique and fight of Kamui that escapes from the ninja organization from which it impossible escape absolutely. The ninja doesn't choose the means for the behavior objective. It wins one's end secretly like the spy agent. The technology doesn't become a comparison thing at samurai's military arts level. The ninja organization has an absolute instruction system. When the instruction is disregarded, it is killed. Moreover, it is killed when seceding from the ninja group. There is little contingency fee to construction. The ninja controls feelings. When it fails in the duty and it is restrained by the enemy, it commits suicide. The ninja uses the character of the animal and the plant.

I found the movie with an English title with Youtube. Because it is Youtube, the link might become interrupted. You can see the movie from "Read More".