The Illustrated Funny Monster

I draw funny monster by Art Studio Lite for iPhone. This monster imaged from our lovely Scottish fold. The name is Master OMARI. He is Kung-Fu master of T'ai chi ch'uan also known as or "Taichi", and "Taijiquan". Taichi is the China tradition martial art born from Shaolin Temple. These days, the old person is performing form of taichi as gymnastics in the morning park. Because, it is believed that taichi is effective against health and a long life. Taichi is returned to an enemy as it is using the offensive strength from an enemy. It is Ying-Yang essence. Master OMARI lived in China Henan Province Shaolin Temple. He learned Zen, Shaolin Kung-fu, and Taichi from Dharma. Master OMARI is valid in 3000 or more. He mastered any martial art from lots of masters. He can jump 10 min in the sky. He was kept by Shih-huang-ti a long time ago. Master OMARI belonged to the thought group of Mozi, before being kept by Shih-huang-ti.