Dope Eye T-shirts Collaborate with Vinyl Passion

This T-shirts is collaborate with party "Vinyl Passion".
Now on sale at T-SHIRTS TRINITY online shop.
These model fitting Charcoal base T-shirts.

T-shirts: United Athle 5.0oz
Size: Youth 100 - 160 / Girls S M L / Men's S M L XL XXL XXXL
Price: 2,600yen

Yellow Print to the Mat Purple, Charcoal, Cement and Sumi.

Pink print to the Charcoal, Cement and Dark Brown.

If you want these T-shirts but you live outside of Japan. Please comment me, then I can ship to overseas. You can pay by Paypal.

Photo by WILD WAX


The body of especially vicious lusterless black. The cheap cross bike bought on-line. It was dressed up with the sticker of DOPEEYE. The frame of this bike is iron. The handle grip was changed into the lime green of the scull design. In Japan, the frame of the iron is called chromium molybdenum. But, chromium molybdenum unites iron and carbon and is raising hardness. If a bicycle is hard, it will not absorb a shock. If it becomes an accident, a frame will break.