Order Flyer "VINYL PASSION 3"

This is order flyer of the poptoonstudio created newly. A theme is black parson plays groove. The image of a 7-inch vinyl board has been arranged in the center. The logo imaged from 1970's Rock as classical and bold. Font  arranged from Letter Head Font's Boston Truck Style. I processed the curl part of this Boston Truck Style. "WILD WAX presents" and "for Dope Musik Lover ..." The font of used Copperplate Gothic. This flyer made from yellow and black 2 colors.
The client left all the designs to me. I was able to do work smoothly. It will succeed, if you want to change a hairstyle, and all are left to the hair designer having good sense.

This party organizer say...
"To the all weekender!
These days, there are many people play DJ with PC or CD. Therefore, we would like to tell everybody the wonderfulness of Vinyl. This party is held irregularly. Various music can be listened to at all the parties. The No.1 guest fascinated with the black groove each time is invited and held. It is a summer special, the highest good music is prepared, and I am waiting for you to come this time. "

This party DJ play that...RARE GROOVE, FUNK, SOUL, DISCO, ROCK. R&B, SKA, REGGAE, LATIN, AFRO and etc. 25th August 2012 Saturday Night Open / Start 9PM. Entrance fee is 1,500yen including a drink. Place at Megahertz in Kokura, Kitakyusyu City Fukuoka Japan.