Today's Photo: The Traditional Japanese Simply Wooden House

We were visited traditional Japanese old simply house called from our friend. This place name is Moji word in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka prefecture. It's close to Shimonoseki. The most close place in Kyushu island to main island of Japan. This place have still many simplicity old wooden house. We like also loving these shabby chic cottage and old downtown. Because simply life having shanti. I introduce this shanti place right now!!

This hand painted sign is famous and popular soy sauce brand in Kitakyushu City. The name is YAMANI. It's more sweet than Tokyo soy sauce. My friend told me "You know son of this YAMANI soy sauce company". We were surprised it. We will become good customer of this YAMANI soy sauce. Also I like this signs graphic!! This is very old typography in Japan. This bold type made by EDO period about 300years before. This type looks like a Tachibana-Ryu in the EDOMOJI inspired from Kantei-Ryu. But Tachibana-Ryu don't have like this punk edge. This type is maybe originally inspired from EDOMOJI. Also I like this pink and red coloring. This YAMANI company born in 1915. I think nobody never seen like this coloring in this TAISHO period. This door is warehouse of YAMANI company factory. Produce factory were place in backside of this warehouse. You can see this YAMANI soy sauce in any market or store in Kitakyushu City and around City.


The Electronica Sound Creating by Dyumbo Hashweed

I creating the electronic music using the Fruity Loops 3.4. I can not so well use this software. It's so difficult synthesize melody programming. My music become the progressive house or progressive trance or tech trance.


App Review: WEJAAM the Electronic Sound Create and Live Performance

I introduce par Dan Armandy's WEJAAM the FREE iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App.
This is very simple live music and sequencer. You can play electronic sound with like ReBirth. Play your favorites tracks and share the tracks with friends all around the world!

MASTER control

1 to 32 beat you can choice each 6 track. You can adjust the BPM by center upper bar. Also you can adjust SWING balance by next bar. You can adjust volume level LIMITER. FILTER is adjust like graphic equalizer by wave position. DELAY FEEDBACK and TIME you can adjust. REVERB DAMP and SIZE you can select.

LIVE control

You can select 6 programmed tracks. Also you can adjust each SOUND of the each tracks.

You can read instruction manual from WEJAAM Official
You can download from Apple App Store


This is DYUMBO HASHWEED (me)'s brand new profile picture from poptoonstudio. Maybe you never seen this logo and graphics. Yeah, It was inspired  from my favorite film director also actor's new movie poster.


Movie Review: Funny Games U.S.

Not funny, not so good feel after seen this movie. But I don't hate this FUNNY GAMES. I remembered Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" and "The Shining". This movie have not violence and rape scene. But it having so much scare. This FUNNY GAMES have only two sound track on opening and ending scene. This two sound performed by John Zorn. "Born head" and "Hellraiser" are Grind Core or Thrash Metal. I like skate boarding also like hardcore music and culture. If you like MTV's JACKASS, Stanley Kubrick's movie, Living dead movies, then I recommend this movie.