DIY: Front Carrier for Touring Bike

I began to make the front carrier for the touring bike. I choose 6 mm diameter stainless steel pipe material of JPY 390 at DIY store. The first step is processing a pipe bends for beautifully. I referred to a book and Web, and I bent little by little, roasting a pipe with a gas burner. 


Photo: Shining Clear Water

We discovered beautiful shining emerald green water from the dark shadow of the trees. 


Photo: American Diner Menu "Cheese Dog"

I took this photo for my friend's diner menu. I making restaurant menu work by Photoshop and Illustrator. I have to take meals and beverage picture first. This Cheese Dog served French fries so much YAMMY!! 

I think some cheese mix and bake into the pan. Toast special bread and sausage. 

I used sun light because I don't have flash light. It was taken by PENTAX k-r. 


"National RANDIONE" The Old Bike Restoration 4

I assembled National Randione for my wife temporarily because I got almost parts. I couldn't perfect polished all parts but you can see clean because photograph. Still not fix the bar tape. Cotton tape and vanish are better to much this touring bike.