Today's Foto "The First Visit"

In the new year, Japanese people goes to Shinto shrine for the first pray. The name is Hatsumode. I and my wife was going to shopping for the cigarette at Donki. And we ate hamburger patti and rice, mashed potato with tomato and cheese and honey maple cake. We forgot about "The First Pray". We changed the direction to the Usa, Oita. Usa city having very famouse shrine the name is Usa Jingu. We have been there last new year. Although this shrine is famous, but people have decreased every year. And the big earthquake happened last year. Therefore, Japan cannot celebrate the new year gaily. And those who believe Shintoism decreased to the Japanese heart. I like the construction design of a shrine, and the writing of the New Year. The store of a light meal is located in a line with an entrance in a big shrine.

This photograph is a bridge built over the entrance of the Usa Shinto shrine from a parking lot. Parking lot needs 400 yen for 1 day. Not needs entrance fee. This shrine have the big pond. You can enjoy give some foods for the carp.