Today's Foto "Over The Tibetan Mountains"

This photograph was passed in the Tibet plateau, and flew aiming at Forbidden City. The number of forests decreased gradually, and the surface of the skin of the mountain bared brown to a vast Tibet mountain range. The snow has piled in the high mountain. Tibet is one of the ground of my yearning. However, it is not possible to go out of the airport to the outside only by the transit this time. Most deserted earth is like other planets.


Today's Foto "Thrilling Chengdu night"

It was about 9 PM to arrive at Chengdu. The Chengdu airport was smaller and dimmer than Shanghai. We thought how to spend waiting time for ten hours. As a result, I thought that there might be a place where time was able to be killed if going to the center of the town. First of all, it was heard that it was about 20 dollars in a big trunk and a small trunk when the charge was heard in the luggage keeping place. We exchanged 3000 yen because there was no other way though we were puzzled to the height of an unexpected price. The Chinese woman's English pronunciation was not caught easily with the exchange counter and it had a hard time. We left one's luggage, and looked for the method of going to the heartland. The tout of some taxis and hotels came for the invitation in Chinese. We thought that we cut it off and went to the heartland by bus. Because it is a taxi and 60 yuan (about 9.3 dollars) to the heartland. We went to the bookstore in the airport to look for the map. The woman with a young bookstore was able to talk about English a little fortunately. I confirmed the name and the distance of the heartland, and looked for the bus.


Today's Foto "Economy cabin of the Air China"

This is Airchina's economy cabin. Air China using boeing and airbus. In six seats, the airplane that we had taken was small Boeing. The price of the flight was about 70,000 yen a person from Fukuoka to Kathmandu. However, it is a fault that there are a lot of transit. The total 4 times transit having this flight. It was Fukuoka - Shanghai - Chengdu - Lhasa - Kathmandu. The check of the customhouse and Immigration Bureau was necessary in all airports. The entrusted luggage did not become it when not receiving it in each airport.