Topic: Japanese Classic Yankee Museum

In this post described about juvenile delinquent "Yankee" in Japan. The yankee is a word that originally indicates the American. However, the juvenile delinquent are called a yankee in Japan. Word "Yankee" written here doesn't indicate the American. It is a start from the fashion street of American Village in Osaka, Japan. The yankee is a fashion that became popular in the 1980's. The Hawaiian shirts and width wide pants become popular in the 1950's were sold in American village. In this post, it describes about the yankee of a classical style that became popular in the 1980's in Japan.


First of all, the feature of yankee's fashion style is described. In 1980's in Japan, American 1950's fashion become popular. Pompadour was basic their hairstyle called "Regent" in Japan. The origin came from Elvis Presley and James Dean. And, it has developed into the permanent wave pompadour of the teddy boy who appeared in the 1980's. Brian Setzer's beauty pompadour of Stray Cats that represented the 1980 year was mimicked by yankees. The adult who exceeded 30 years old suited the pompadour. Because the hair margin is thick, the yankee boys do not become beautiful the pompadour. They therefore acute angle shaved the hair margin. It is called "Sorikomi" in Japanese. The center photograph is Show Ayanocozey by the vocal of a music band famous in Japan "Kishidan." They love the Japanese classic Yankee and are performance by their Yankee style as the parody. He liked the words "Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die", and became their album name. This language is written by the T-shirt of the brand "Seditionaries" of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.
The school rule with Japan fine for a school uniform is decided. Left photographs are the broad trousers which many Yankees like. The Yankee is calling these trousers the "Bontan." Bontan resembles the zoot suit of the 1940-1950s. Bontan also resembles Knickerbockers which was in fashion in the 1800s. Anyway, at the time of a quarrel or confused fighting, probably it was easy to move and beautiful. The form of Bontan is various. The type which four pleats were given to the waist, and skirt width was wide and carried out the rollup like the formal suit of the 1950s. An African trouser type with skirt width narrow like MC Hamar, and extremely wide width of a thigh. This Bontan is worn by the Yankee also out of a school.