Photo: Hanoi Street Walker's Experience

These photo taken on November 2013 at old town of center Hanoi, Vietnam. The upper photo taken at Cong Caphe. Cong Caphe is very cool interior unified army olive color and kitsch cushion cover was so match. There have some vintage wares with the aging shabby painting were became Hanoi Chic! The Vietnam coffee is sweet and bitter into the old vintage style enamel ware cup like a French wares. This enamel cup still making in Hanoi. We bought many enamel wares for our collects.

Lower photo is Hanoi street fashionable states. Hanoi have a lot of like this cool and cute view by the natural.


Flyer and Poster Design: FUTARO Acoustic Live at Cotton Dancer

This is my latest Flyer and Poster design works. Size is A3 and A6, printed to the natural paper and cardboard paper printed by RISOGRAPH. The coloring is the fluorescence orange and the navy to the A3 poster, and the vermilion and navy to the A6 flyer. Imaged from the late 1960's Psychedelic posters and the modern old school Reggae and Dub posters, the album cover artworks and the flyers. The top's logo is the original style of handwriting which I processed and was designed. It is written as the FUTARO with the Japanese Chinese character. This Chinese character was simplified from the formal style of handwriting. And I am future-like a figure and gave the worn-out feeling by aging to this character. Since it is printed by RISOGRAPH, printing is reproduced by multiplication with glassiness. Therefore, the portion with which the color has overlapped was transparent and the back color has overlapped. I traced and drew his photograph whose illustration of an artist is a performer by the AI. FUTARO which is a performer is the Folk-Rock musician. I drew the fender tele caster's neck which he has always used regularly. The following is his profile.

 Futaro’s messages in his lyrics permeates in to changing the clock hand into slow flow with the beat over the music divide with warm ambient. He encourages gently people who live the time made closely packed. And the heart of the rich susceptibility sometimes throws social various inconsistencies and questions into relief, and tells the tragedy which man's ego produced. Just like a Bob Marley...

Live on 2014 Sunday 22nd June. Floor open at 8pm - Performance start at 9pm. Entrance fee is 1,500 JPY with needs 1 drink order. Live at Bar Cotton Dancer. 11 min. walk from Kokura Station, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka, Japan.


Music Review: "Jimmy James" by Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys is my one of the most favorite old school New York Hip Hop artists. I saw their performance at Fukuoka in around 1990's they came to Japan. But we can not see Beastie Boys again... Because MCA is already gone... I was experience to the Beastie Boys music told me from my skater friends. I met their sounds from album Check Your Head. I started purchased their vinyl 12 inches from that encounter.