The Serial Killer of Astonishment

Kitakyushu in which we live has many Yakuza. A shooting incident succeeds one another and it is not so safe. And this murder case is a talk which is likely to be made to story of nonfiction movie. It is stated as "Whether this suspect Futoshi Matsunaga is an offender most cunning on Japanese annals of crime probably, and cruel." This incident is called the "Kitakyushu confinement murder case" in Japan. An incident begins from the girl A (17 years old of that time) having asked her grandfather's house for help. This incident is not so famous in Japan. Probably, the incident would be too cruel and the report would be regulated.

The outline of an incident
"The injury and the confinement incident" to the girl by two persons, Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata, were seemed at the beginning. However, Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata who are considered to have done violence continued the full nondisclosure also including suspicion or a name, and did not understand an identity clearly, either. Then, although Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata are acquaintances of a girl's father B and she came to live by four persons from 5 or 6 years before by the girl's A testimony, about one year after beginning to live, it will turn out that the father B went missing and lived on three persons after that.
Later, four children are discovered at somewhere else. The girl seemed to be made to take this care of four persons. The parents of the child of the twins discovered among four persons did not even know having been deposited here. About remaining two persons, it is proved by DNA identification later that he is a child of Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata. In several days, since the girl A testified "His father B (34 years old of that time) was killed by Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata", an incident will move greatly. Furthermore, six persons of the husband F (38 years old of that time) of Junko Ogata's father C (61 years old of that time), the mother D (58 years old of that time), the younger sister E (33 years old of that time), and a younger sister, the niece G (10 years old of that time), and the nephew H (5 years old of that time) were murdered, and the girl A testified that it dissolved and the dead body was scattered over the sea etc. Although the police started to "piping of a place considered to be the murder spot" based on the girl's A testimony and performed DNA identification, it was in that time is and the state where anything does not have physical evidence since seven persons' dead body has already disappeared completely above all. The outline of the incident became clear anew because Junko Ogata confesses the last. In addition, the case is not embodied for the prosecution by insufficiency of proof although Futoshi Matsunaga has suspicion, such as violence, confinement, fraud, and homicide, also before this case.

October, 1994
Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata start living together with the girl A and the father B in the apartment in Kitakyushu.

February, 1996
The father B who presupposed that it is likely to escape and is likely to come out from an apartment was confined in the bathroom for many days, and dietary restriction and torture were repeated. Instant noodles and a bowl of rice are full of a meal once per day. It turned on electricity, when it did not finish eating within 10 minutes. A hard posture and upright posture were forced for a long time, and when moving, it turned on electricity. Neither all heating instruments nor bedding was given, but it was put to sleep in one shirt in the bathroom at the cold season of February. Since the father B was malnutrition, when it came to have repeated vomiting and diarrhea, abuse of knocking the shin obstinately over a long time with the empty bottle assaulted which forces eating the vomit and excrement in addition makes it nakedness, and showers cold water was continued. The father B dies on February 26. Futoshi Matsunaga orders Junko Ogata and the girl A to perform dead body processing. Junko Ogata and the girl A disassembled the dead body by saw or a mixer, and threw away into a public lavatory or the sea.

Six relatives of Junko Ogata start living together with Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata in the same apartment. Most property was sucked up from the Ogata house by the defendant Matsunaga. Futoshi Matsunaga repeated abuse by turning on electricity in all families, and he did not give them a meal satisfactorily, either. Futoshi Matsunaga makes Junko Ogata murder Junko Ogata's father C on December 21. The dead body is disassembled and abandoned by the left-behind Ogata house relative by the same means as the girl's A father B.

Futoshi Matsunaga makes Junko Ogata's younger sister's husband F, and Junko Ogata's younger sister E strangle Junko Ogata's mother D on January 20. Let it be the younger sister E for having applied the hand to have pressed down the younger sister's husband F and leg. Futoshi Matsunaga makes Junko Ogata's younger sister's husband F, and Junko Ogata's niece G murder Junko Ogata's younger sister E usually February 10. Let it be the niece G for having applied the hand to have pressed down the younger sister's husband F and leg. The husband F of the younger sister of Junko Ogata who suited the state of malnutrition with abuse and an insufficient meal usually April 8 shows the symptoms of the digestive trouble based on an advanced starvation state. However, Futoshi Matsunaga neglects it, he made it become weak, not made a doctor's suitable medical treatment undergone, but shut up in the apartment bathroom, and made it die of the peritonitis by digestive trouble usually April 13. Futoshi Matsunaga made Junko Ogata's niece G murder Junko Ogata's nephew H usually May 17. It deceived that it made the already murdered mother (Junko Ogata's younger sister D) meet, and also made Junko Ogata's niece G murder Junko Ogata's nephew H. It is made into Junko Ogata for having pressed down the leg to have pressed down the girl A and hand which were confined. Futoshi Matsunaga makes the girl A who had confined choke Junko Ogata's niece G with an electrical cord usually June 7 -- death from electricity -- or it was made to die from suffocation One by one, the murdered victim was made scattering by the surviving family's hand by saw, and was applied after that to the mixer. Junko Ogata put meat juices into the PET bottle, she passed from the nearby public lavatory, and aimed at destruction of evidence. Futoshi Matsunaga never tried to soil his hand.

1996 - 1997
Futoshi Matsunaga conspires with Junko Ogata, it applies from December 30, 1996 on March 16, 1997, a woman and the second daughter (3 years old of that time) are confined in the four-and-a half-mat Japanese room Japanese-style room of the second floor of the apartment of the city Kokura-minami-ku, and it confines in an entrance, covering it. Making it turn on electricity on both sides of a female arm etc. with the metal clip attached to the electrical cord etc. continued violence every day, and when it was going to escape, it caught and threatened "through electricity" etc. Although the woman jumped down and escaped from the window of the room in the road before dawn on March 16, seeing at the spare time, it got seriously injured, such as fracture of the waist, and a lung sprain, at that time. Moreover, to the woman, the defendant Matsunaga threatened saying "draw out gold from a mother" etc., and took cash.

The girl A confined in the apartment escapes and a crime is revealed the early morning of March 6. On the next day, Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata are arrested.

2011 Today
Futoshi Matsunaga's death penalty was decided.

You can see more detail about this incident by Wikipedia.

I got to know this incident, and it became fearful when it imagined that the cruel thing was performed by one room of an apartment only several kilometers away from my house. The person himself/herself also twisted in the restorative and the person that it is not violent, intellectual, and diplomatic was doing mind control. Probably, he was severely brought up from the father or the mother.

However, if we were the same positions, what did it do? A story serves as a backdrop at all the mysterious incidents. We are obtained only the information on a result. Probably, it is good to use your movie or the subject matter of a novel in pursuit of a background.