Topic: The Japanese Traditional Matchbox "White Peach" is Nostalgic!

This is not my design work but I introduce this "White Peach" matchbox of Japanese traditional graphic design. Because I like this old school make fire and nostalgic, typical and traditional Japanese graphic design since about 100 years ago. It was before first world war, changed MEIJI period from EDO pireod in Japan. Meiji Era is a time of the Industrial Revolution of Japan. Till then, the feudal rule system of the Edo period collapsed by resistance. Then place name Tokyo changed from Edo. The Edo Shogunate was not able to oppose the influence from a foreign country because of the national isolation consciousness. The old persons of the old idea who tied the topknot underwent changed of power to the young man, they got to know the foreign country.

This white peach trade mark design are most popular in Japanese matchbox fan club. It looks like a Allman Brothers Band graphics. I remember images the southern rock music and American country blues music. The matchbox was good foreign country export work for Japanese before 100 years ago. This white peach designed and produced by Benzo "King of Japanese Matches" Takigawa on his company Daido Matches. Many patterns of a peach are designed by Japan of 100 years ago, have a tradition of southern barbarian presentation in China, and were briskly exported to China from Japan.