Album Cover Design: Let the Guitar Speak by electro 53

I designed this album cover artwork this month. An album cover is the front of the packaging of a commercially released audio recording product, or album. This artwork made with my client also this album artist. My client given this guitar and amplifier photograph. I made front jacket including inside 2 pages and backside total 4 pages, rear jacket with backside (inside CD tray), side cap, and disc label. I made album title logo, artist logo, and record level logo. I'm very glad my client favorites this design. This pic is not real CD photo. I made crop and paste on blank CD image for finishing product image. I was cut the front jacket image pic with side cap same as rear jacket. It is not so difficulty make myself. I will introduce next time.

electro 53

Electro 53 is instrumental music unit by Takashi Gomi and Syuhei Onga. T-BOLAN's guitarist Takashi Gomi perform the electric guitar like a singing. He is my best client. Syuhei Onga playing base and sound programming. Their sound is the electronica rock. The electric guitar and the base added on the programming track.

Photo: Fishing Around The Ima River

I was walking and fishing at around Ima river  in Yukuhashi, Kitakyushu City. The temperature is about 20 degrease on 4 to 5PM. This pic is the watergate for the plant field.