Today's Photo: The Traditional Japanese Simply Wooden House

We were visited traditional Japanese old simply house called from our friend. This place name is Moji word in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka prefecture. It's close to Shimonoseki. The most close place in Kyushu island to main island of Japan. This place have still many simplicity old wooden house. We like also loving these shabby chic cottage and old downtown. Because simply life having shanti. I introduce this shanti place right now!!

This hand painted sign is famous and popular soy sauce brand in Kitakyushu City. The name is YAMANI. It's more sweet than Tokyo soy sauce. My friend told me "You know son of this YAMANI soy sauce company". We were surprised it. We will become good customer of this YAMANI soy sauce. Also I like this signs graphic!! This is very old typography in Japan. This bold type made by EDO period about 300years before. This type looks like a Tachibana-Ryu in the EDOMOJI inspired from Kantei-Ryu. But Tachibana-Ryu don't have like this punk edge. This type is maybe originally inspired from EDOMOJI. Also I like this pink and red coloring. This YAMANI company born in 1915. I think nobody never seen like this coloring in this TAISHO period. This door is warehouse of YAMANI company factory. Produce factory were place in backside of this warehouse. You can see this YAMANI soy sauce in any market or store in Kitakyushu City and around City.