Experrience the Ultimate Hot Rod Car KUBOTA L1802DT

It was astonished and amazed by me! It is that the car of such ideal HOT ROD and RAT ROD existed!
The strike of this form and style, and the brilliant aging was carried out to my heart. Probably this all-terrain vehicle will be a Japanese-made engine, body, and design. A finely rusty exhaust muffler like the convoy straight extended toward empty has a charming feature like a chimney. I was driven by the impulse which wants to travel in the country road in Laos which is not paved slowly ranging over this farm tractor. Are wearing the straw hat torn in drops, and the beard extended for a long time becomes pure white, and uses the long sleeve of the hemp cloth of a Henley neck as an underwear, Wearing the light-blue overalls of Karheart to which the paint adhered, of course, or the hickory overalls of Lee, probably, the rain boots of favorite Columbia are dirty with mud. A tent and an antique kitchen utensil are put on a trailer, and it travels in the ground of a frontier district in search of a place at death. I visualized such a figure and was able to be immersed in a fortunate feeling.
If it is a tread of this tire, what kind of rain falls and it will be able to run also on the bad unpaved way of a state. I have experience it became impossible to escape from the parking lot of an outdoor festival by a small car repeatedly. Truly, since it is troublesome, it cannot go all over a town, but it is an automobile very attractive to the middle age which piled up age.