Small But Real

Just I playing by Google earth. This photo is taken at anywhere airport in Unites States. You can see latitude and longitude input to google earth. Altitude is 232m. It became so nice dirty like a Millennium Falcon. 

This is 678m altitude same place to upper photo. There have three air parking. 

This is became so tired to walk it gate to  immigration distance if there having the moving road. I have to come this airport before 3 hours departure. 

I remember the air travel. But I don't recommend. Because air travel have only one advantage. It's quickly. I don't have money but I have plenty money. If I go somewhere then I will use bicycle. Because air travel needs lots of money, troublesome immigration and custom check, high price restaurant, small economy seats, dangerous airplane have heavy body, funny moral Chinese, fuck air pockets, long distance to the downtown...


Fishing Report: Tonogawa Water Reservoir

I arrived in Tonogawa reservoir at 3PM. Tonogawa reservoir is exists in Kanda, Miyakogun, Fukuoka, Japan also close to Kitakyushu airport. Japanese Buddhist temple "So-enji" exists over the dam side in this Tonogawa reservoir. So-enji have 277cm Buddha statue made from Heian period about 1200years before. That Buddha statue is भैषज्यगुरु Bhaisajyaguru. 


Album Cover Design: Let the Guitar Speak by electro 53

I designed this album cover artwork this month. An album cover is the front of the packaging of a commercially released audio recording product, or album. This artwork made with my client also this album artist. My client given this guitar and amplifier photograph. I made front jacket including inside 2 pages and backside total 4 pages, rear jacket with backside (inside CD tray), side cap, and disc label. I made album title logo, artist logo, and record level logo. I'm very glad my client favorites this design. This pic is not real CD photo. I made crop and paste on blank CD image for finishing product image. I was cut the front jacket image pic with side cap same as rear jacket. It is not so difficulty make myself. I will introduce next time.

electro 53

Electro 53 is instrumental music unit by Takashi Gomi and Syuhei Onga. T-BOLAN's guitarist Takashi Gomi perform the electric guitar like a singing. He is my best client. Syuhei Onga playing base and sound programming. Their sound is the electronica rock. The electric guitar and the base added on the programming track.

Photo: Fishing Around The Ima River

I was walking and fishing at around Ima river  in Yukuhashi, Kitakyushu City. The temperature is about 20 degrease on 4 to 5PM. This pic is the watergate for the plant field. 


HABIT LUNCH A5 Flyer Design & Printing Keep on an American

I made lunch flyer of HABIT STORE an American restaurant. Size is A5 (148mm x 210mm). Before, I introduced this diner serving large burger. This diner's owner beginning lunch time this time. If you living close to Kokura, Kitakyushu-City, I recommend this restaurant. You can drink beer in daytime. You will satisfaction this burger volume in other American restaurant. Please take care every Tuesday is closed. Lunch time is 12PM to 3PM. HABIT STORE have not rest time continue diner time. HABIT STORE close 1AM. So you can drink to late time. You can choice four burgers including salad and fried potato with drink or weekly one plate including weekly meal, mashed potato, salad and rice with drink. price is 950 yen. You can choice 12 drinks. Owner and stuff can speak English little bit. Sometimes I saw few foreigner coming this diner. The left side ad written Japanese lower means "Not only big". The right ad written all Japanese. Because this flyer for Japanese. Owner will this flyer posting to around the home by himself. You can check the location about HABIT STORE place.

You can check weekly plate lunch meal on the FACEBOOK.