DOPE EYE "For Your Doping Life" TEE

This is a T-shirt of the new work which I, alias Dyumbo Hashweed, designed. An illustration is based on my handwriting. This design was built about one year ago. It newly revived by the female-oriented thin T-shirt lately. It is a T-shirt large the rib which uses a material light and as thin as 4.3 ozs and thin. "For your doping life" and a doctor are making the serious drug addict inhale the joint of a pot.

You can purchase on T-SHIRTS TRINITY online store at 3,500yen including tax but shipping Japan only. If you are living other country, then contact to me. I can send for you.

"DROP OUT" The DOPE EYE Brand New Design

This is Dyumbo Hashweed from poptoonstudio designed brand new design. The product name is "DROP OUT" from Timothy Leary's famous counterculture phrase acording "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out".

You can purchase at T-SHIRTS TRINITY online store. Price is 2,300yen - 2,500yen.
This Tee using 4.3oz DALUC basic T-shirts for ladies better. And 5.6oz PRINTSTAR body for men.

This T-shirts color is Sage blue of United Athle 5.0oz. 3,500yen including tax.

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