Topic: About Nuclear Power Generation

I approve the nuclear power generation
In Japan, radioactive contamination has been a problem in the accident of the nuclear power plant by tsunami. Many Japanese people are opposed to nuclear power generation. An entertainer and mass media are also opposed to nuclear power generation. Wind power generation and photovoltaics will be more attractive than surely making electricity using a dangerous nuclear fuel. However, can the electricity exceeding nuclear power generation be provided with photovoltaics or wind power generation? 4000 aerogenerators are required to obtain the electric power of one nuclear generator. 1,900,000 photovoltaics machines are required to obtain the electric power of one nuclear generator. It does not become a talk. It is your freedom that cries for an ideal. But, please consider that there are also people troubled if electricity is not supplied. And you who cry for an ideal will also be troubled. A power failure is frequently required if nuclear power generation stops. Many celebrities and artists are going to raise evaluation of them in opposition to nuclear power generation. Do you believe it? Can you cry for the contrary to nuclear power generation in front of those who are likely to die if electricity is lost? If nuclear power generation is stopped, production of all the factories will stop. A job will be lost if your father is working at the factory. The act to which you are opposed to nuclear power generation receives antipathy from many people. It is very dangerous. It is an ideal that nuclear power generation is lost. The no-war world is also an ideal. The world without starvation is also an ideal. A school without bullying is also an ideal. It is free that you cry for an ideal.