Snakehead Came My House

I fished Ophicephalus maculatus (snakehead) on the vicinity pond today. I was confirming the procambarus clarkii and snakehead lived in the pond before. A lot of lotus and duckweed are floating in the pond. Snakehead was young, and length about 18cm. I do not like Snakehead that exceeds the length 1m so much. I thought that I was able to keep it with the water tank of 60cm if it was this small Snakehead. On the raining pond, I challenged by the tackle that installed limegrren carbon rod in Featherweight Champion rod handle that put spincast reel always used. The lure used Grab of Garry Yamamoto. It became a hit with the casting of the third times. However, the hook for the black bass was too large for the fish of about 13cm. Snakehead came off the hook and dropped to water in one's feet. There was no hit though my.. several-time Cast from it. I moved to a lot of points that the place was changed and Snakehead had rising. I changed the lure several times and cast but did not become a hit. I brought softness rod from the car by about 1m, and changed it into the food fishing that applied the needle and the floatage to the fine thread. The earthworm was not found though I had dug up the nearby soil. Because the mud snail had lived in the pond a lot, it was made bait. Then, it was possible to catch it at once.