Today's Foto "September 6th 2011"

We left towards south before sunset so that we may go to Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture. A photograph is a photograph of a ravine called Yabakei. This area is abundant in humidity and moss and a forest are rich sightseeing spots. A mountain changes to yellow or red with autumnal leaves in autumn. Yabakei is large and this photograph is famous for the tunnel Buddhism monk dug by hand wich called Aonodomon. The Buddhist priest's name is Zenkai. A Buddhist temple famous in Kyushu is near the Yabakei. The name is Rakanji. In the 1700s, Zenkai was traveling in each part of Japan. This area was visited in the trip. In this difficult part with a precipitous cliff, it was the dangerous way where the chain was attached to the slope of a mountain at that time. On the way, the passerby was often seen fall and die. Zenkai saved funds by religious mendicancy in order to make a safe way, and it dug the tunnel over 30 years. However, a Buddhist's Zenkai is the legend of having collected the toll of the completed tunnel.