RYPPLE Jerry to the Galaxy T-shirts

This T-shirts design is inspired from Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead. Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) was an American Psychedelic Jam Band known as tender acoustic guitar and vocal for band the Grateful Dead. I designed this T-shirts to dedicated and respected for Jerry and his lifework.
He became a star of the galaxy...  And it dwelt in the heart of DEAD HEADS as God...
T-shirts: 5.0oz (United Athle)
Color is Black printed on the Yellow, Sage Blue, Aqua Blue, Sand Khaki, Heather Grey, White and Natural T-shirts.
Size: Youth-XXXL
!!This print is special. It also changes print size according to the size of a T-shirt. It will arrive in the print size as it is which you look at!!
You can purchase using PAYPAL payment system. Shipping cost is UNIFORMLY 1,000yen per 1 item, if you stay everywhere in the world!
Please feel free to contact to me by E-mail or comment.

Also if you living in Japan. You can purchase at T-SHIRTS TRINITY.

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Shopping Cart Customizing for ASTRO:LOUNGE

I customized ASTRO:LOUNGE Import and Designs web store. It is the Japanese rental shopping cart site. I edited some HTML code and CSS code. But still not complete yet. I introduce some customize CSS code in next post.


ASTRO:LOUNGE's Wooden Sign at Pasar Moon Festival

This is the signboard of ASTROLOUNGE made with the board of driftwood. This time, we opened a shop to the festival of an institution called PASAR MOON of Shimane Prefecture. I applied the paint to the board which became round with a white angle which flowed and reached. Since goods were the wife's handmade garments and miscellaneous goods, this signboard design was set to simple and natural SHABBY. The color of a lusterless background is very important. When there was much driftwood more, the signboard which becomes independent was able to be made. But, since it was lacking, it was hung by hemp cord on the tarp pole. It is written to the board of the bottom connected in Hemp cord as ASTROLOUNGE in katakana.