Topic: ZABUTON the Japanese Floor Cushion

This is a Japanese cushion for sitting on the floor called ZABUTON. Japanese people sit down on a tatami traditionally, putting down this ZABUTON. It is indispensable to the tearoom in Japan which you also know. We chose this ZABUTON for the relaxation of a bedroom. A pattern like the quartz often looked at in the time of a mid-century by beautiful Burgundy like the wine of a deep taste. And this rope pattern mostly seen to the Edo period. The motif of the rope used for a fabric of Japan has a meaning. A rope is used, when connecting something or drawing something near. In a pattern, it is meaningful in "Drawing happiness near at hand." So, in Japan, a rope is an auspicious pattern. The history of the rope in Japan is old and goes back 16500 years before the present age. The Japanese who was living a primitive life had given the rope pattern to earthenware. The rope was used also for a ninja's communication of information.