Today's Foto "Cruisin' together our new Friend"

He is our new friend we found it at the general dealer discount sale. His name is "Euvo". He come from space. See Euvodesign website http://www.euvodesign.com/!! I washed and did wax of my car and a wife's car. We went oil supply of gasoline, and shopping for the New Year. This photograph was taken by PENTAX Optio I-10. Then, it was edited by Picasa 3. I like use Picasa effect which leaves a color. Location is route 322 from Kokura between Hiraodai.

Dec 29, 2011
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Model: PENTAX Optio I-10
ISO: 160
Exposure: 1/50 sec
Aperture: 3.5
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Flash Used: No
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Today's Foto "Christmas Trip Around the Kitakyshu""

Today is Christmas Eve, We visited the cake store opened on the Hiraodai inform from friend who became acquainted the other day. The lowest temperature is 2 digrees on that day, and the first snow was seen this year in the land in which we live. It is time at the twilight time. The afternoon sun pours into a karst plateau with few trees. The rain or snow which was falling to previously stopped. Steam or clouds rise from the mountain of karst. The snow coverage of the summit of a mountain is beautiful enough but about 1 cm. The orange setting sun illuminated little snow and beauty resembled Heaven.


The Serial Killer of Astonishment

Kitakyushu in which we live has many Yakuza. A shooting incident succeeds one another and it is not so safe. And this murder case is a talk which is likely to be made to story of nonfiction movie. It is stated as "Whether this suspect Futoshi Matsunaga is an offender most cunning on Japanese annals of crime probably, and cruel." This incident is called the "Kitakyushu confinement murder case" in Japan. An incident begins from the girl A (17 years old of that time) having asked her grandfather's house for help. This incident is not so famous in Japan. Probably, the incident would be too cruel and the report would be regulated.

The outline of an incident
"The injury and the confinement incident" to the girl by two persons, Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata, were seemed at the beginning. However, Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata who are considered to have done violence continued the full nondisclosure also including suspicion or a name, and did not understand an identity clearly, either. Then, although Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata are acquaintances of a girl's father B and she came to live by four persons from 5 or 6 years before by the girl's A testimony, about one year after beginning to live, it will turn out that the father B went missing and lived on three persons after that.
Later, four children are discovered at somewhere else. The girl seemed to be made to take this care of four persons. The parents of the child of the twins discovered among four persons did not even know having been deposited here. About remaining two persons, it is proved by DNA identification later that he is a child of Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata. In several days, since the girl A testified "His father B (34 years old of that time) was killed by Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata", an incident will move greatly. Furthermore, six persons of the husband F (38 years old of that time) of Junko Ogata's father C (61 years old of that time), the mother D (58 years old of that time), the younger sister E (33 years old of that time), and a younger sister, the niece G (10 years old of that time), and the nephew H (5 years old of that time) were murdered, and the girl A testified that it dissolved and the dead body was scattered over the sea etc. Although the police started to "piping of a place considered to be the murder spot" based on the girl's A testimony and performed DNA identification, it was in that time is and the state where anything does not have physical evidence since seven persons' dead body has already disappeared completely above all. The outline of the incident became clear anew because Junko Ogata confesses the last. In addition, the case is not embodied for the prosecution by insufficiency of proof although Futoshi Matsunaga has suspicion, such as violence, confinement, fraud, and homicide, also before this case.

October, 1994
Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata start living together with the girl A and the father B in the apartment in Kitakyushu.

February, 1996
The father B who presupposed that it is likely to escape and is likely to come out from an apartment was confined in the bathroom for many days, and dietary restriction and torture were repeated. Instant noodles and a bowl of rice are full of a meal once per day. It turned on electricity, when it did not finish eating within 10 minutes. A hard posture and upright posture were forced for a long time, and when moving, it turned on electricity. Neither all heating instruments nor bedding was given, but it was put to sleep in one shirt in the bathroom at the cold season of February. Since the father B was malnutrition, when it came to have repeated vomiting and diarrhea, abuse of knocking the shin obstinately over a long time with the empty bottle assaulted which forces eating the vomit and excrement in addition makes it nakedness, and showers cold water was continued. The father B dies on February 26. Futoshi Matsunaga orders Junko Ogata and the girl A to perform dead body processing. Junko Ogata and the girl A disassembled the dead body by saw or a mixer, and threw away into a public lavatory or the sea.

Six relatives of Junko Ogata start living together with Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata in the same apartment. Most property was sucked up from the Ogata house by the defendant Matsunaga. Futoshi Matsunaga repeated abuse by turning on electricity in all families, and he did not give them a meal satisfactorily, either. Futoshi Matsunaga makes Junko Ogata murder Junko Ogata's father C on December 21. The dead body is disassembled and abandoned by the left-behind Ogata house relative by the same means as the girl's A father B.

Futoshi Matsunaga makes Junko Ogata's younger sister's husband F, and Junko Ogata's younger sister E strangle Junko Ogata's mother D on January 20. Let it be the younger sister E for having applied the hand to have pressed down the younger sister's husband F and leg. Futoshi Matsunaga makes Junko Ogata's younger sister's husband F, and Junko Ogata's niece G murder Junko Ogata's younger sister E usually February 10. Let it be the niece G for having applied the hand to have pressed down the younger sister's husband F and leg. The husband F of the younger sister of Junko Ogata who suited the state of malnutrition with abuse and an insufficient meal usually April 8 shows the symptoms of the digestive trouble based on an advanced starvation state. However, Futoshi Matsunaga neglects it, he made it become weak, not made a doctor's suitable medical treatment undergone, but shut up in the apartment bathroom, and made it die of the peritonitis by digestive trouble usually April 13. Futoshi Matsunaga made Junko Ogata's niece G murder Junko Ogata's nephew H usually May 17. It deceived that it made the already murdered mother (Junko Ogata's younger sister D) meet, and also made Junko Ogata's niece G murder Junko Ogata's nephew H. It is made into Junko Ogata for having pressed down the leg to have pressed down the girl A and hand which were confined. Futoshi Matsunaga makes the girl A who had confined choke Junko Ogata's niece G with an electrical cord usually June 7 -- death from electricity -- or it was made to die from suffocation One by one, the murdered victim was made scattering by the surviving family's hand by saw, and was applied after that to the mixer. Junko Ogata put meat juices into the PET bottle, she passed from the nearby public lavatory, and aimed at destruction of evidence. Futoshi Matsunaga never tried to soil his hand.

1996 - 1997
Futoshi Matsunaga conspires with Junko Ogata, it applies from December 30, 1996 on March 16, 1997, a woman and the second daughter (3 years old of that time) are confined in the four-and-a half-mat Japanese room Japanese-style room of the second floor of the apartment of the city Kokura-minami-ku, and it confines in an entrance, covering it. Making it turn on electricity on both sides of a female arm etc. with the metal clip attached to the electrical cord etc. continued violence every day, and when it was going to escape, it caught and threatened "through electricity" etc. Although the woman jumped down and escaped from the window of the room in the road before dawn on March 16, seeing at the spare time, it got seriously injured, such as fracture of the waist, and a lung sprain, at that time. Moreover, to the woman, the defendant Matsunaga threatened saying "draw out gold from a mother" etc., and took cash.

The girl A confined in the apartment escapes and a crime is revealed the early morning of March 6. On the next day, Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata are arrested.

2011 Today
Futoshi Matsunaga's death penalty was decided.

You can see more detail about this incident by Wikipedia.

I got to know this incident, and it became fearful when it imagined that the cruel thing was performed by one room of an apartment only several kilometers away from my house. The person himself/herself also twisted in the restorative and the person that it is not violent, intellectual, and diplomatic was doing mind control. Probably, he was severely brought up from the father or the mother.

However, if we were the same positions, what did it do? A story serves as a backdrop at all the mysterious incidents. We are obtained only the information on a result. Probably, it is good to use your movie or the subject matter of a novel in pursuit of a background.


How to use Japanese Onsen with Manners

Japan has many hot springs are Japanese say "Onsen" and pubric bath say "Sento". Although manners are both the same, the public bath to which a regular customer comes every day has severer manners. However, there are no English notes in almost all the hot springs and public bath. Refer to Wikipedia for the definition of a Onsen. And Japan is a country severe for manners. I write the manners and the guide of a hot spring for a foreigner here.  You can enjoy local people and conversation, if the following manners are observed strictly. And Japan has mixed bathing. If your fate is good, it can mixed bathing with a Japanese woman. I held many expectations, when this fact was got to know. Although I visited many hot springs, a woman did not enter. You must not expect.

In many hot springs and public baths, effect was written in Japanese and it has stuck beside the bathtub. However, a scientific basis is not in the effect of a hot spring. It is effective for cancer care in the hot spring containing the radon containing a little radioactivity.


Today's Foto "Renew My Snakehead's Aquarium"

I did cleaning my fish tank yesterday. It was my work left for a long time. First, the present water is moved to a bucket together with a snakehead. If a snakehead is held so that eyes may be covered with an index finger and the thumb, it will not riot. Let's use, if there is a network. The old tank soil was the hard edge sand for hydroculture. Sand having hard edge damages for snakehead inside mouth, when a snakehead eats the food which fell to the bottom. I purchased soil like round 5-kg ground of 1300 yen. I washed all the parts in a fishtank on the veranda. This soil has the character which rounded the ground. If soil put into an empty tank and water is poured out, it will become muddy, so that it becomes uneasy about whether it becomes really clear. Don't throw away water here. If a filter is turned on and it will place for one day, it will become transparent completely. And I bound with thread Willow Moss who floated underwater and was being increased to driftwood. It seems that a seaweed is fixed to driftwood by this work. Cotton is used for thread. It is because cotton yarn melts into water later. It seems that it is pleasing soon although the snakehead which finished general cleaning and to which it made it move was puzzled at first. Soil was dug and room was made.


Shag Tobacco Shop in Kitakyushu City

If you're looking for roll your own shag tobacco at Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan, you may view this site. I had to go to distant places to buy a shag. However, when asked by Shag tobacconists are selling in the neighborhood recently to shag me and want my stock.

Kokura Minamiku, Kitakyushu City

1-2-6 Uomachi, Kokurakitaku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan.
You can buy any tobacco, sigarettes, rolling paper, cigar, rolling machine and more. Kokura's most extensive selection of products.

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Open 6am close 7pm.
1-21-1 Moritsune Honmachi, Kokuraminamiku, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka, Japan.
Here is the tobacco shop was my favorite recently. There have some little bit wooden hand pipe, rolling papers, roll your own shag tobacco (COLTS any flava, DRUM, DOMINGO, etc).

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Yahatanishiku, Kitakyushu City

1-8-3 Kurosaki, Yahatanishiku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan.
Open until midnight, Sunday and holiday closed. Any cigalettes you can buy here. Pipe tobacco, hand pipe, Cigar, Shag and more. Place is front of the triangle park in Kurosaki.

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Yukuhashi City

3-6-10 Chuo, Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka, Japan.

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Don Quijote Kokura
2-2-16 Nakatsuguchi, Kokurakitaku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan.
10AM - 5AM There have some rolling paper, shag tobacco (Colts, Domingo etc.).

Don Quijote Kurosaki


Changed ASTROLOUNGE Blog Template

I was accompanied by a change in the design blog poptoonstudio, blogs have changed the design of ASTROLOUNGE. ASTROLOUNGE are using Blogger. First, the concentration of red and blue lines reminiscent (sunlight) like the Tibetan national flag background changed to the orange shabby photography. I changed to a pale yellow background color of the post. The margin of the header logo and added gentle circles drawn by Illustrator.


Today's Foto "Thamel House Restaurant"

This photo was taken when a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal made ​​us. Pagoda architecture of this superb restaurant in the heart of Kathmandu, Thamel district is to provide a food store famous Newari foods. appended with marvelously adorned wood carved windows doors and brick walls at a glance, you will see that the building has been taken care of lovingly and graciously and that it is clean and well maintained. This is the Thamel House Restaurant, a traditional restaurant with fine cuisine.
After all, we could not go to this restaurant. Newari Food is our King is too high. We are studying how to make Dal Bhat returned to Japan, was reproduced. My wife found a trick: put a baked rice Dal. In Nepal, I was just eating pasta or Chowmen. Dal Bhat is delicious. Lentil soup with coriander and cumin are entering a work of art. Basmati rice is healthy to eat this soup every day. Your cholesterol level will decrease. Blood flow is most effective, excess fat is reduced. You will lose weight. Iron, spinach and supplements from the wok.

Thamel House Restaurant Official Website

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The Facebook of Dyumbo Hashweed

I began Facebook for advertisement. Please do not hesitate to add to a friend if my work is pleasing. If it refers to Dyumbo Hashweed, it will be able to go to my page. This boy's illustration which I drew is a mark. I do not understand how to still use Facebook well. Probably, it is the same as mixi of Japan. I do not have a friend so much yet. And the comment has not been written yet.


Today's Foto "September 23th 2011"

It was very pleasant at fine weather on that day. We ran the neighborhood by car. Contrast is brought to the air to which the clouds scattered all over a blue sky were transparent. Fortunate scenery was stored in the photograph.


Framed "Big Frog" Poster

This is a poster of the Kyushu tour of band called Big Frog. Although a Big Frog is a jam band representing Japan, it is not working now. In Japan, it was a jam band which makes it bear a close resemblance to Grateful Dead uniquely. Since it was female vocal, there was much light and pleasant music. The Big Frog was the style which took in many countries, bluegrass, rock'n'roll, and blues. Performances of a Big Frog was given even in the United States. If you want this poster, please a message gives me. Although it runs short, I can sell this poster (Only poster, not including the frame). I can sell you with $15 (Needs additional shipping cost). The frog illustration model from Costa Rican Frog or Red eyed tree frog. Poster size is A2 (420cm x 594cm = 16.54 x 23.39 inch). Printed by offset print. Drew by Dyumbo Hashweed 2006 poptoonstudio allright reserved.
Big Frog Official Biography
Big Frog emerged on the Tokyo music scene in 1996. From the get-go, they crafted infectiously psychedelic grooves with the ability to cross over into multiple genres. Their penchant for long, improvisational jams brought something previously unseen to the Japanese music world. Their high-energy 2-set shows were constantly evolving and always unique. It didn’t take long for the freaks to start melting out of the woodwork and into the clubs to partake in these events, known as bleshings…And thus were born the BFH (Big Frog Heads). In recent years, prominent bands in the American jam scene have started recognizing Japan as a new frontier. Big Frog and their growing fan base have helped pave the way for some of these bands looking to make their mark in Japan. They’ve shared the stage with several such bands and have occasionally appeared as the opening act for bands such as Phish and Moe.. In 2000, Big Frog ventured away from Japan to play a short U.S. tour. They have since enjoyed several other stints in Europe and the states. In 2005, they played Moe.down, and were invited to engage in a band switch during one of Moe.’s sets. The band has undergone a few personnel changes over the years, and its musical style is in a perpetual state of metamorphosis. The current line-up features Sato on acoustic guitar / lead vocals, Ton on drums / sampling / vocals, Shimi on bass / vocals and Moccos on guitar / vocals. The band’s sound has evolved into straight-up rock-n-roll infused with elements from the frenetic energy of Tokyo surrounding them…A sort of hyper-hybrid Tokyo rock, if you will. Their repertoire touches on a myriad of themes, and the bulk of their songs are sung in English. Big Frog spends a great deal of its time touring throughout Japan, from remote backwaters to the big cities, and it’s not uncommon for the band to be on the road for months at a time. In 2005, they released their first studio album, Groovers on the Marble. Their second studio album is slated for release this summer. Check it out!

Sato (Vocals), Ton (Drums/Cho), Shimi (Bass/Cho), Moccos(Guitar/Cho)

Big Frog Official Website: http://www.bigfrog.jp/
Big Frog Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bigfrogjp


Today's Foto "September 7th 2011"

The continuation from last time. We left Yabakei and went in the direction of Kumamoto Airport from twilight at night. It is because a very nice hotel is near Kumamoto Airport. We enjoyed the meal in the hotel fully and checked out at noon of the next day. We went to the Aso milk farm visited before. This photograph was taken in a sightseeing spot called Takachiho gorge in Miyazaki.


Today's Foto "September 6th 2011"

We left towards south before sunset so that we may go to Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture. A photograph is a photograph of a ravine called Yabakei. This area is abundant in humidity and moss and a forest are rich sightseeing spots. A mountain changes to yellow or red with autumnal leaves in autumn. Yabakei is large and this photograph is famous for the tunnel Buddhism monk dug by hand wich called Aonodomon. The Buddhist priest's name is Zenkai. A Buddhist temple famous in Kyushu is near the Yabakei. The name is Rakanji. In the 1700s, Zenkai was traveling in each part of Japan. This area was visited in the trip. In this difficult part with a precipitous cliff, it was the dangerous way where the chain was attached to the slope of a mountain at that time. On the way, the passerby was often seen fall and die. Zenkai saved funds by religious mendicancy in order to make a safe way, and it dug the tunnel over 30 years. However, a Buddhist's Zenkai is the legend of having collected the toll of the completed tunnel.


Topic: The Japanese Tradition

This post is told about Japanese sushi. The Japanese comedian "Rahmens" made this movie. Please never imitate. Because, many mistakes are included in this movie. Refer to Wikipedia for how to eat true sushi.


Today's Foto "Blackbass Fishing at the Clearwater Pond"

I have a splendid black bass fishing point. The pond is clear water and very beautiful. I loaded the float tube, the flipper, and Weder into the car. It was at noon to arrive at the pond. There are a lot of horse flies at this time. I floated on the float tube immediately putting up the flipper with Weder. It was recent continuation of rain and the water of the pond was being filled with water. Water transparently sees below 2m or more. I like moments left from the land. It becomes feelings that fly over the sky on transparent water.


Snakehead Came My House

I fished Ophicephalus maculatus (snakehead) on the vicinity pond today. I was confirming the procambarus clarkii and snakehead lived in the pond before. A lot of lotus and duckweed are floating in the pond. Snakehead was young, and length about 18cm. I do not like Snakehead that exceeds the length 1m so much. I thought that I was able to keep it with the water tank of 60cm if it was this small Snakehead. On the raining pond, I challenged by the tackle that installed limegrren carbon rod in Featherweight Champion rod handle that put spincast reel always used. The lure used Grab of Garry Yamamoto. It became a hit with the casting of the third times. However, the hook for the black bass was too large for the fish of about 13cm. Snakehead came off the hook and dropped to water in one's feet. There was no hit though my.. several-time Cast from it. I moved to a lot of points that the place was changed and Snakehead had rising. I changed the lure several times and cast but did not become a hit. I brought softness rod from the car by about 1m, and changed it into the food fishing that applied the needle and the floatage to the fine thread. The earthworm was not found though I had dug up the nearby soil. Because the mud snail had lived in the pond a lot, it was made bait. Then, it was possible to catch it at once.


Silk Screen Print to the Recycle Paper

This is a business card of the recycling paper that I ordered to the factory in Nepal. It is silk screen print because the offset printing is not widespread to Nepal. Such a papercraft of Nepal is a rough, natural feeling of quality and has getting warm piercingly. The papercraft made from the plant named Lokta that can be caught in the high ground in Himalayas is typical. All the possibilities such as the poster, the calendar, the postcard, the letter paper and envelope, the dressing case, the garment tag, booklets, and the packing materials extend though I made the business card this time. In addition, it corresponds to the ink of white and fluorescence because the print is a silk screen. I can receive the order for this natural handicraft Printing all over the world. If you have the Paypal account, it is possible to order easily though the price list has not been completed yet. The price of the business card that I made this time is recorded as a sample. Paper is recycling paper. The back is a print of one color on the surface by two colors. The number of sheets is 500 pieces (This is a minimum lot). It is 80 US$s including the frame charge, the commission, and EMS carriage. Please give this price to me as a standard. The price will change according to the number of the material, thickness, and the color of paper. It is necessary for the frame charge only first time. The print of the addition will become cheap a little. Please feel free give to me of the message if you are interested.


Today's Foto "Over The Tibetan Mountains"

This photograph was passed in the Tibet plateau, and flew aiming at Forbidden City. The number of forests decreased gradually, and the surface of the skin of the mountain bared brown to a vast Tibet mountain range. The snow has piled in the high mountain. Tibet is one of the ground of my yearning. However, it is not possible to go out of the airport to the outside only by the transit this time. Most deserted earth is like other planets.


Today's Foto "Thrilling Chengdu night"

It was about 9 PM to arrive at Chengdu. The Chengdu airport was smaller and dimmer than Shanghai. We thought how to spend waiting time for ten hours. As a result, I thought that there might be a place where time was able to be killed if going to the center of the town. First of all, it was heard that it was about 20 dollars in a big trunk and a small trunk when the charge was heard in the luggage keeping place. We exchanged 3000 yen because there was no other way though we were puzzled to the height of an unexpected price. The Chinese woman's English pronunciation was not caught easily with the exchange counter and it had a hard time. We left one's luggage, and looked for the method of going to the heartland. The tout of some taxis and hotels came for the invitation in Chinese. We thought that we cut it off and went to the heartland by bus. Because it is a taxi and 60 yuan (about 9.3 dollars) to the heartland. We went to the bookstore in the airport to look for the map. The woman with a young bookstore was able to talk about English a little fortunately. I confirmed the name and the distance of the heartland, and looked for the bus.


Today's Foto "Economy cabin of the Air China"

This is Airchina's economy cabin. Air China using boeing and airbus. In six seats, the airplane that we had taken was small Boeing. The price of the flight was about 70,000 yen a person from Fukuoka to Kathmandu. However, it is a fault that there are a lot of transit. The total 4 times transit having this flight. It was Fukuoka - Shanghai - Chengdu - Lhasa - Kathmandu. The check of the customhouse and Immigration Bureau was necessary in all airports. The entrusted luggage did not become it when not receiving it in each airport.


Today's Foto "Fly Over the Sagarmatha"

We staying Nepal from 3rd June to 2nd July 2011. This post is information of Nepal and there photograph. Top photo is view from Air China over the Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) of the Himalaya mountains. Nepal has born place of the Buddha. Also top of the world mountains having there. 20,000,000 people living here. Here is mixed culture of the Hindu and Buddhism I think. Anywhere having building the stupa and hindu temples. Also sooo much nice Newa architecture having here.


Today's Foto "Sound Equipment"

This is ASTROLOUNGE's 31 Band Graphic Equalizer. I like this gold and metalic face.


Today's Foto "Yamaguchi Cruise"

This time's Today 's Foto is a photograph when we drive Yamaguchi Prefecture. We obtained information to which the reggae musician in Japan named Yohei Miyake will live show in West Japan. We were fixed for hotel reservations to the town named Tokuyama. However, he postponed a live show. We faced the hotel where the cancel charge was reluctantly generated. It arrived at Tokuyama in about two and a half hours running in the raining highway of the night.


Today's Foto "MARUBA"

This photo took of the live show at ASTROLOUNGE on the last friday. His name is MARUBA played acourstic guitar. He performed with Teppei(Lead Guitar) name is Rumblers played on the Kitakyushu City.


Today's Foto "Earthquake & Tsunami"

This is not a photograph that I took. This borrowed the photograph of the damage of the large earthquake and tsunami in the north west region in Japan. Because I had lived in the southwest provinces, this disaster did not influence it. The image of the tsunami like the movie projected by the TV news will not be able to be forgotten. Tsunami that swallows car that runs without noticing tsunami... The power of the tsunami exceeds the imagination. The large earthquake causes various secondary disasters. Annihilation of town in coast by tsunami. Collapse of nuclear plant and outflow of radioactivity. There is no good and evil distinction and it deprives of the life that exceeds 10,000. The stock of Japan drops greatly sharply. Japanese yen rises.

This is a photograph of the container crane and delivery container of 40 feet thrown by the tsunami like the wood waste. The house made of wood splendidly became asunder.


Today's Foto "Limestone Trekking"

Today's post is a photograph in the karst tableland named Hiraodai of which I took a picture. Hiraodai is a limestone mountain located in Kokuraminami Ward in Kitakyushu City. A vast limestone cave has extended about the limestone that melts to rain under the soil. Because the controlled burning is done at this time, it becomes burnt ruins as shown in the photograph. To maintain the meadow, controlled burn of Japan is done. The tree grows also on the ground of limestone in the climate of Japan if there is a little soil. To obstruct it, controlled burn is done. And, the burnt grass becomes a fertilizer for the grass that grows as follows. However, I do not agree with the controlled burning because I like flow of nature. There are chiefly three limestone caves in Hiraodai. One in that has the limestone cave with a suitable length and difficulty for caving. To advance to the interior of the limestone cave, it is permitted by going the guide. Work suit, boots, headlight, helmet, glove, rope, food, kneepad, elbowpad, and the Divers watch are nessesary gear. Please imagine advancing 2km in the total length by the creeping advancement. It will become the travel of six hours. It is narrow and advances in a ruggedness hole. It walks on the edge of ground where the width of 10cm splits. I have not experienced yet. I want you to note the following if you visit this Nature Reserve. The plant is not gathered. Because there are a lot of scarce plants. It doesn't scribble on the limestone cave. Because time a great amount of though nature is restored is necessary.


Today's Foto "Wood Shaping"

It is a photograph of DIY today. I like smoking pipe. There is a common feature in the fishing reel. The first photograph shaped wood that was the DIY center 20 yen with the retractable knife of OLFA. This wood is planed little by little and a smooth curve is made. The post will gradually show the true colors of the product. I will make a wooden pipe from this wood.

Also as for this, the pipe of another design finishes. This becomes a simple, easy-to-use pipe that uses the rectangular lumber. First of all, the handy size rectangular lumber is bought in the do-it-yourself store. It found it for me for 20 yen in the scrap counter. It is cut in suitable length with the saw. It is shaped with the sandpaper.


DOPE EYE 2011 Spring Logo

This is a logo for fresh spring of DOPE EYE. Amsterdam where a variety of dope items were able to be obtained was imaged. It is a script that treats an elegant magnificent scroll. Because the word put in the blank part was not found, "Mary Jane & Charlie Brown" or "AMSTERDAM" was put for the time being.


This is my favorite digital still camera. "Today's Foto" is all things taken with this camera. I like this small, compact camera. The great shot wants to tell to everyone no one with the camera it. If the point that should be noted is defended, everyone can get the great shot by knowing various techniques.

As for my photograph, vignetting that is one of the photo techniques is multiused. Vignetting is bright the center of the photograph, and phenomenon of the outside's darkening. There is an effect that does the edge in the gradation blacking it also in Picnik. However, it becomes unnatural finished. There is a method of mechanically making the shadow by using the lens hood etc. , too. As for my camera, because the lens cover doesn't open smoothly, nature and the shadow can be done. There is an originality because it can do the shadow in the opposite angle.

Then, it introduces my photograph technique. Because the photograph experience is short, it of me might be wrong.


Today's Foto "Trip, Journey and Cruise"

We went to the cruise in Oita Prefecture. Then I took some photographs for post. This is a photograph where the moss grows in stone bridge. The place is side bridge of Jion watefall, Amagase-cho, Oita, Japan. I pushed the shutter feeling that an orange moss was unusual. An unexpected fact came to light when this orange moss was examined. The scientific name is Trentepohlia aurea. This is not the mosses but algae. They might live because the spray of the waterfall always falls in the bridge. A lot of mosses and algae have grown because Kyushu is rainy much and is abundant water. I pasted this photo to the top because orange was beautiful. And, I like moss and alga. A new civilization building is rotted by them...


Today's Foto "Nancy and Johnny"

This is a photograph that I took for the fashion advertisement. Her name is Nancy. She migrated from Miyazaki to Kokura where I lived. The punk girl completed like this is not around here. She shaved her eyebrow for taking a picture. This advertises T-shirt of the brand named 99%CHAOS that designed by Masa in the ASTROLOUNGE's good customer. In this 99%CHAOS, Sid Vicious is a motif. T-shirts were brake and put up the safety pin like Sex Pistols customized by Nancy. Another photograph can be seen from the link below more on the page of Picasa.


He is a guitarist who has the handle name of Johnny diamond. He was performing in the rock'n'roll garage band named THE SPANKS. Both dressed up because chosen to be fashion model.


DYUMBO "SPLASH" Cover Artwork

This composes by DTM by me, and is a cover artwork of recorded CD. My handle name as the musician is DYUMBO. The name of the album is "SPLASH". CD has not been completed yet. MP3 is being sold at http://www.thesixtyone.com/dyumo/.


It is new work of DOPE EYE design "YANKABILLY" appearance. This is a work that makes Classic Yankee of Japan a theme. It is an item name of Yankabilly that matches the rockabilly and yankee.

2,900yen now on sale at T-SHIRTS TRINITY.


Topic: Japanese Classic Yankee Museum

In this post described about juvenile delinquent "Yankee" in Japan. The yankee is a word that originally indicates the American. However, the juvenile delinquent are called a yankee in Japan. Word "Yankee" written here doesn't indicate the American. It is a start from the fashion street of American Village in Osaka, Japan. The yankee is a fashion that became popular in the 1980's. The Hawaiian shirts and width wide pants become popular in the 1950's were sold in American village. In this post, it describes about the yankee of a classical style that became popular in the 1980's in Japan.


First of all, the feature of yankee's fashion style is described. In 1980's in Japan, American 1950's fashion become popular. Pompadour was basic their hairstyle called "Regent" in Japan. The origin came from Elvis Presley and James Dean. And, it has developed into the permanent wave pompadour of the teddy boy who appeared in the 1980's. Brian Setzer's beauty pompadour of Stray Cats that represented the 1980 year was mimicked by yankees. The adult who exceeded 30 years old suited the pompadour. Because the hair margin is thick, the yankee boys do not become beautiful the pompadour. They therefore acute angle shaved the hair margin. It is called "Sorikomi" in Japanese. The center photograph is Show Ayanocozey by the vocal of a music band famous in Japan "Kishidan." They love the Japanese classic Yankee and are performance by their Yankee style as the parody. He liked the words "Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die", and became their album name. This language is written by the T-shirt of the brand "Seditionaries" of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.
The school rule with Japan fine for a school uniform is decided. Left photographs are the broad trousers which many Yankees like. The Yankee is calling these trousers the "Bontan." Bontan resembles the zoot suit of the 1940-1950s. Bontan also resembles Knickerbockers which was in fashion in the 1800s. Anyway, at the time of a quarrel or confused fighting, probably it was easy to move and beautiful. The form of Bontan is various. The type which four pleats were given to the waist, and skirt width was wide and carried out the rollup like the formal suit of the 1950s. An African trouser type with skirt width narrow like MC Hamar, and extremely wide width of a thigh. This Bontan is worn by the Yankee also out of a school.


Movie Review of the "KAMUI GAIDEN"

This post is a review of the ninja movie of "KAMUI GAIDEN". The original story from manga comic "Kamui Gaiden" by Sanpei Shirato in 1965. New and powerful creater Kankuro Kudo in Japan took charge of the screenwriter. I like movie that he directed. "Kamui" is hero's name. "Gaiden" meaning of another legend. There is a story of the main named The Legend of Kamui in the manga comic. Hero's Kamui doesn't appear so much in this story. The name of Kamui is from word "God" of native people Ainu in the north of Japan. In The Legend of Kamui, the story starts from the Kamui birth. Infancy Kamui appeared from the undermost layer of the feudal society in Edo period (17 century). There was a discrimination class named four occupation in Edo period. Kamui was a class that did not enter the four occupation named Hinin. Hinin was a class under the farmer. Their work was dismantlement of the dying farming oxen and horses, skin and leather work, executioner, etc... There was a lot of public execution in Edo period. Samurai judges the criminal. Hinin work is stabs the criminal to death with the spear. Kamui that disliked discrimination and feudal society pursued strength. Kamui received Ninja's scout. There were a variety methods join to the ninja organization. The technique for forging for myself was expected as for Kamui and the scout was done from the ninja executive. The infant of just the birth might be abducted. The elder sister of Kamui married the farmer. The Legend of Kamui is a story of the farmer, the merchant, the samurai, and the ninja who lives in discrimination and the feudal society. Kamui Gaiden(The another legend of Kamui) is a story that drew the technique and fight of Kamui that escapes from the ninja organization from which it impossible escape absolutely. The ninja doesn't choose the means for the behavior objective. It wins one's end secretly like the spy agent. The technology doesn't become a comparison thing at samurai's military arts level. The ninja organization has an absolute instruction system. When the instruction is disregarded, it is killed. Moreover, it is killed when seceding from the ninja group. There is little contingency fee to construction. The ninja controls feelings. When it fails in the duty and it is restrained by the enemy, it commits suicide. The ninja uses the character of the animal and the plant.

I found the movie with an English title with Youtube. Because it is Youtube, the link might become interrupted. You can see the movie from "Read More".