How to use Japanese Onsen with Manners

Japan has many hot springs are Japanese say "Onsen" and pubric bath say "Sento". Although manners are both the same, the public bath to which a regular customer comes every day has severer manners. However, there are no English notes in almost all the hot springs and public bath. Refer to Wikipedia for the definition of a Onsen. And Japan is a country severe for manners. I write the manners and the guide of a hot spring for a foreigner here.  You can enjoy local people and conversation, if the following manners are observed strictly. And Japan has mixed bathing. If your fate is good, it can mixed bathing with a Japanese woman. I held many expectations, when this fact was got to know. Although I visited many hot springs, a woman did not enter. You must not expect.

In many hot springs and public baths, effect was written in Japanese and it has stuck beside the bathtub. However, a scientific basis is not in the effect of a hot spring. It is effective for cancer care in the hot spring containing the radon containing a little radioactivity.