Movie Review of the "The Tale of Zatoichi"

Japanese Samurai Harakiri Action Movie!!

If you like Quentin Tarantino's movie, you like this too!!

Edo Period Film of Massacres with the Japanese Katana!!

Geisha Fujiyama Gangstar vs Blind Masseur!!

Katana concealed in walking stick!!
This is review of my favolite movie "ZATOICHI" series. Shintaro Katsu was famouse action star in Japan. He already died in 1997. Also Shintaro Katsu was prodecer, singer, director and drug freaks. He was arrested by possession cocaine and marijuana in the Hawaii Honolulu International Airport in 1990. He was concealing the drug in the underwear. Shintaro Katsu said, "It was when noticing it" the drug that existed in underwear. After the arrest he said, "I will not take underwear because not do same crime in the future". Zatoichi is his most important work. Zatoichi is a drama by which blind masseur's Iatoichi fights with the gangster. Zatoichi is expert of the Iai. Iai is a technique for cutting it when Katana is pulled out from the sheath. If the first attack is prevented, enemy is cut by next move. Zatoichi in addition loses uselessness in having it in the inverted hand of Katana the movement of the hand. The ear is sharp though he is sightless. The expert of the sword of Japan did not rely on eyes, and concentrated the spirit. If this technique is acquired, it is invincibility. The name of the technique is called "Shingan". The meaning is "Eyes of the mind". Zatoichi is a story of the massage master who travels. He rolled in the trouble. Zatoichi uses the sword concealed in the walking stick. Swordstick is called "Shikomi" in Japan. In the film "Zatoichi and Yojinbo" is Akira Kurosawa's "Yojinbo" "Tsubaki Sanjuro" starring Toshiro Mifune VS Zatoichi. Shintaro Katsu's son performed by "Zatoichi" in 1989 directed by Shintaro Katsu. His son killed the performer with a genuine Katana while taking a picture. It was a scene to which the corpse was pierced with the Katana. The blade cut the carotid artery. In the scene of cutting each other, in the Katana, pretender's Katana is usually used. His son received the circumstances audience from the police said, "The staff prepared a genuine Katana without permission". Prepared Katana was for make more real performance.

I found first movie of this Zatoichi series on Youtube. I paste it after "Read More" though this movie might be erased from Youtube.

Amazing Japanese Manners

In the house in Japan, two swords that are called KATANA are always put on somewhere. When fickleness comes to light, it is cut with KATANA by other party's partner. When the little finger is chopped down for myself, the crime might be permitted. It is necessary to cut the belly with short KATANA when failing because of work. At that time, it is manners in a surrounding person to drop the neck with long KATANA....