Today's Photo "Large Shopping Mall in Japan"

We got iPhone 5 last time. These photos taken by iPhone 5 camera. I edited by app of the Photoshop Express. This camera lens so enough better than other cellphone. Also this camera has HDR function. I changed little bit contrast and saturation were adjustment. This blogger app is convenient for travel time. But function is smaller than PC. All photos were little bit added the sharpness. It will become a skillful photograph if sharpness is strengthened. It seems to be a movie.


Today's Foto "Local Buzen Seaside Walk Around"

Last day, I was walk around Buzen seaside local place in Fukuoka and Oita prefecture border line. These photo taken by iPhone 5 camera. It was waiting time why I visiting this area. People are very kindness and slowly. Also times going slowly. I was parking my car close to meeting point. Temperature was 11degrees. Time was noon time. Not cloudy. It was so much to sleep. But it was very wasteful for sleep. I tried take crow photo use my telescope. But it was not so good. I wore the down jacket and went outside.

American Diner Typography and Caligrapy

This is the typography and calligraphy which I designed. The font used Sarah Script of The Letter Head Font. I designed by Adobe Illutrator for the diner which my friend manages. The shadow and the brightness of this script were created using pass. The scroll calligraphic design was also drawn by pass and pen of the Illustrator.


Saturn and his Ring are Most Beautiful Graphics.

This Saturn photograph was borrowed from National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I am not taking this photograph. Not a color but monochrome cool appearance stimulated my inspiration. I liked Saturn in the solar system planet from young time. The balance of the appearance and a beautiful ring pierced my heart which was a schoolchild those days. Saturn is a big planet to the next of Jupiter in the solar system. This planet where most was covered by gas does not have a concept called surface of the earth. That is, there is no boundary line of the ground and empty like the earth. Most gas is hydrogen. Gas is light. Saturn has the 62 moons. The biggest Titan in the satellite of Saturn is larger than Mercury. A human body is not affected even if man inhales hydrogen. Influence does not have a helium in a human body, either. The atmosphere of Saturn does not affect a human body. However, since there is no oxygen, an oxygen mask is required. Since it is 100 times the earth, if muscle training of the gravity is carried out, it may be satisfactory. But, there is no ground. Therefore, it falls toward the center. Since temperature rises by friction, a protective garment is required. The density of gas becomes high as it falls to the center. Naturally, pressure also becomes high. Since it is windy, cautions are required. Be better not to approach, because very dangerous.


Aglio e Olio Using Homemade Olive

I made peperoncino using the olive fruit which gathered a harvest in the meantime. My wife spent olive fruit for three months, and removed bitter taste from it. My wife replaced water every day. And the bitter taste of olive fruit disappeared. The large garlic was minced and much olive fruit and olive oil were fed into the frying pan. The seed of olive fruit was removed. I boiled thick spaghetti with strong stickiness to al dente one. Some sausages and red pepper were added to sauce. As for seasoning, only salt and black pepper are. It was somewhat exciting for breakfast.