Small But Real

Just I playing by Google earth. This photo is taken at anywhere airport in Unites States. You can see latitude and longitude input to google earth. Altitude is 232m. It became so nice dirty like a Millennium Falcon. 

This is 678m altitude same place to upper photo. There have three air parking. 

This is became so tired to walk it gate to  immigration distance if there having the moving road. I have to come this airport before 3 hours departure. 

I remember the air travel. But I don't recommend. Because air travel have only one advantage. It's quickly. I don't have money but I have plenty money. If I go somewhere then I will use bicycle. Because air travel needs lots of money, troublesome immigration and custom check, high price restaurant, small economy seats, dangerous airplane have heavy body, funny moral Chinese, fuck air pockets, long distance to the downtown...