DOPE EYE 2011 Spring Logo

This is a logo for fresh spring of DOPE EYE. Amsterdam where a variety of dope items were able to be obtained was imaged. It is a script that treats an elegant magnificent scroll. Because the word put in the blank part was not found, "Mary Jane & Charlie Brown" or "AMSTERDAM" was put for the time being.


This is my favorite digital still camera. "Today's Foto" is all things taken with this camera. I like this small, compact camera. The great shot wants to tell to everyone no one with the camera it. If the point that should be noted is defended, everyone can get the great shot by knowing various techniques.

As for my photograph, vignetting that is one of the photo techniques is multiused. Vignetting is bright the center of the photograph, and phenomenon of the outside's darkening. There is an effect that does the edge in the gradation blacking it also in Picnik. However, it becomes unnatural finished. There is a method of mechanically making the shadow by using the lens hood etc. , too. As for my camera, because the lens cover doesn't open smoothly, nature and the shadow can be done. There is an originality because it can do the shadow in the opposite angle.

Then, it introduces my photograph technique. Because the photograph experience is short, it of me might be wrong.