Past Foto "Thailand Trip"

We traveled around Thailand in November, 2009. Edit with Picnik and puts it here, because I found these photo. This photo is the Tom Yum Kung Neon Tubing Signboard on Khaosan Road Bangkok. Tom Yum Kung is soup of the prawn that used Nam Pla. I had visited Khaosan Road in 2000. At that time, the millennium party was held on the Koh Phangan island. Koh Phangan was crowded as hippie's holly ground. The trance music of the roaring flowed from the hut built on the beach. Hippies enjoyed resort it danced and they got drunk.


Today's Foto "Trip from Oita to Yufuin"

We traveled around Oita Prefecture this time on holiday. It preserves it in this post like the record though it is a photograph where a lot of sceneries exists. We like music. Especially, we like Rock music. We like acoustic recently. Norio Yamakawa a.k.a. Guitar Panda did live with we managed ASTROLOUNGE before. We obtained information that he was doing the Kyushu tour, and started on a journey to Oita Prefecture...

This photo is a mountain named Yufudake in Yufuin Oita. Put on the top because it was most beautifully I think in my plenty photo.

Movie Review of the Quentin Tarantino's "Jackie Brown"

This post is a review of Quentin Tarantino's "Jackie Brown" I saw yesterday .
I like film of Quentin Tarantino verry much. His movie has been influenced from an American culture as much as me from the 1960's to 1970's. About the most much remainder in impressions, Robert De Niro must suit the moustache, and be good-looking. It is easy to take movie scene of smoke marijuana using pipe is people can understand than joint.


Music Review of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia

This post is a music review of GRATEFUL DEAD. GRATEFUL DEAD was formed in San Francisco in 1965. GRATEFUL DEAD was unique and eclectic style, which fused elements of rock, folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae, country, jazz, psychedelia, and space rock and for live performances of long musical improvisation. GRATEFUL DEAD is only one in my favorite JAM BAND. Jerry Garcia is worshiped from DEAD HEADS godlike. Apparently, the origin of the name of GRATEFUL DEAD seems to have come from the Buddhism and Hinduism.

Because the review of GRATEFUL DEAD seems to become long, I will write slowly...

Music Review of Lynyrd Skynyrd

This article is a review of the band that I like recently. Lynyrd Skynyrd is a Southern rock band from Jacksonville. The tune Free Bird became a hit in 1973. The music influenced from the blues and a British rock is a profound rock that manipulates three guitars. They dissolved. Because the airplane crashed in 1977 tour.


Today's Foto "Burgundy"

The theme is "Burgundy" I took photograph this time. The photograph above is a lamp made of the glass in the cafe named ASTROLOUNGE that we managing. It changes from red into the burgundy depending on the lighting brightness though the wall color is a rose berry. The harmony of burgundy and glass is gorgeously a profound feeling.


DOPE EYE "Fishing & Outdoor High Equipment" Decal

I designed Decal of Dope Eye. Psychedelic various items demonstrate the power in the field of outdoor. This mark expresses eyes in the state that the pupil opens. In the open pupil, the light that reflects in the light of the sun and the pond of the evening shines on fish. An ardent drug believer doesn't mistake the usage. It is necessary to use psychedelic to unite naturally like the peyote used to pray of American Indian originally. Moreover, Ayahuasca include DMT that amazone shaman use for treatment and ceremony. Cannabis more than alcohle in India as holy ceremony of Hinduism. It is a ceremony to unite all with the god named natural and to harmonize, and the small enjoyment of the people who are affluent. I like bass fishing and fly fishing. Therefore, I want Bass Angler and fly fisherman's people to use this decal. In tomorrow's fishing, let's float the rowboat on the lake, and roll joint including high quality budz. Your dog and wife are waiting in the pavilioned lake side. Let's grill the chiffon cake and the pie with a Dutch oven making warm chai. It is invited to the smell and the animal in the forests come near. Let's get from nature and worship some bass and beautiful sunshine in the evening. Let's drip coffee that roast for myself, and eat bassb fillet steamed with the olive oil and white wine. Let's make the Indian curry made from the chicken, tomato, and onion for tomorrow morning.

Today's Foto "The Steak"

This photograph taken by the steak restaurant near our home. This restaurant name is Steak no Don. It is a cheap, delicious shop we found recently. When if you order beefsteak in Japan, it is very high. However, high quality beef cannot be expected like the United States in thickness. If you are a male, my recommendation is hamburger steak. Free bread/rice and free soup are included in the steak on the iron plate menu. Free rice/bread and free soup are contained in the main plate for 730 yen at the lunch time. The photo is mix grill at the dinner time. In the mix grill, hamburger steak, chicken steak, beefsteak, french fries, broccoli, and fried onion, etc. have gotten on the iron plate. Price is 1280 yen including free rice/bread and free soup. You can see other menu from here but Japanese. A left photo is dessert of chocolate ice cream. Price is 390yen.


Today's Photo "The Futuristic Round Architecture"

This facilities building have futuristic round ceiling in Kokura Riverwalk. I like this architecture like a U.S.S.Enterprise of Star Trek movie. This architect designed by Jon Jerde from America.


Review of the DOMINGO Hydrostone

Cigarettes were about $4 to excess for $5 recently in Japan. It is not possible to shake the smoking habit, because I am a habitual smoker. I changed from box cigarette to roll cigarette by myself. Because it is a good cost performance. but having little trouble rolled for myself. I bought the leaf of the brand named DOMINGO. Then, the cigarette shop served the stone in the photograph.

Instruction for uses
Allow the Hydrostone to soak for 2 to 3 minutes in water. Then place the stone in your Domingo tobacco. The evaporation effect gives you a moist and pleasant tobacco to smoke. This stone can be reused.

The cigarette leaf becomes bitter when it dry. Moderate moisture makes the taste mild. Therefore, this stone is important.

Today's Photo

Today is very cold day in Kokura. Lowest temprature is -2 degrees, Highest is 0 degrees. It is unusual in Fukuoka. We did close our shop and went home of my wife's family. We went to get the Kotatsu. Because it was not used in her parents' houses. Kotatsu is a heating appliance of Japan. An electric heater has adhered on the back side of the top board of a small low table. And, the cotton enters blanket put on it like the tablecloth. Moreover, another top board is put. It is a device that doesn't let the heat of the heater go on the outside.


Today's Photo

This is an iron tower of the power line near my house. The background was changed to Turquoise Blue.


My Career

It introduces my career here. I was born in Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu City in Japan. Kitakyushu City is one of the industrial region in Japan. It has a lot of Industrial Company here. The famouse company is Nippon Steel in here. Nippon Steel is a company that manufactures the material of the ironware from the iron ore. The photograph is a replica of the blast furnace that is the symbol of Nippon Steel. At that time, Active steel industry in my town at that time. Kitakyushu City have a lot of factory worker. My father was working measurement manufacturing company when I was born. I never grew up in the home in not affluence but middle reaches not poor.


Today's Photo

This photo adjust the color and high contrast. It is starting piping on the wall of the entrance in the parking lot.


Daily Photo by FUJIFILM's digital still camera

This post is an introduction of the photograph of daily life took myself. These photos uses an old, small digital camera named FUJI FILM FinePix F440. These photographs are processed by using Picnik attached to Picasa of the photo storage. The setting of the camera is extent without the flash in which the white balance is switched with the manual. This top photograph is living room in the house where we live. The interior coordination is due to my wife. Her coordination select is so wonderful...


DOPE EYE "Lightning Bolt" Tee Shirts

This T-shirt design that this DOPE EYE released has confidence. Therefore, the price is also a little high. The cloth of T-shirt is 5.6 oz heavyweight. The brand named Print Star of Japan produced in China. I also wear it every day. This T-shirt is a very good fit. Because some shrinks if it washes, we will recommend its one size wally eyes. The size is prepared from 100cm for Kids to XXXL. The design does in the respect and covers GRATEFUL DEAD's Lightning Bolt. The lightning boldly printed in the reception desk appeals for a sense of existence. This Rock T-shirt is extremely one of dedicated for Jerry Garcia. The body and the print of various colors are prepared. Your favorite one is sure to be found. I am preparing T-shirt, a sweat, ladies' T-shirt, and a long sleeve of a print of various colors and various colors. However, I want to hear the demand if there is your item wanting it. For instance, I want raglan T-shirt of the middle sleeve in the print of the black. I will newly add the commodity if the body is in T-SHIRTS TRINITY that I have contracted. Please write the question and the demand in a comment here. If you live excluding Japan, and it wants my T-shirt, I will do Shipping by the sending method for which you hope. It is possible to buy it with T-SHIRTS TRINITY. The price is 3,800 yen. The color of other T-shirts can be seen by clicking "Read More". If this T-shirt is worn if you go to the outdoors festival in which JAM BAND gathers, you will acknowledge the superiority. Because the hippie feels the god in this mark. This work is dedicated to people who love organic and macrobiotics.

Please smoke some pot or psychedelics with fit my dope gear!!


Music Review of Takkyu Ishino

I review the music of Takkyu Ishino this time. He released "Cruise" that was the original solo work after an interval of six years. He had been inventing a lot of masterpieces for 20 years with the unit (Pierre Taki & Takkyu Ishino) of Denki Groove. It is a mini album that collected the techno tracks that should be called a state-of-the-art electronica of the universal standard this time. 1. FEB4 is settled track never intense. In the rhythm of the bass drum like 130BPM, it is a snare with a little small expansion. The timing of the percussion of the bongo is exquisiteness. It is a small metallic sound, and is low and a base of two steps. Gradual wave and tempo like long board of surfing. The number of musical instruments is made a minimum. 2. In Spring Divide, it is a tempo of 130BPM, and, similarly, the baseline is a track where the feature is never intense. A sound smart because of an irregular metallic sound of the percussion instrument is comfortable. Accent of two wind instrument music scales. A gradual wave is casual and suitable good track. 3. SpinOut is an intense tune for a moment. The overlapping synthesizer sound of two music scales stands out. There is a percussion in backing. It looks like a German, general, minimal techno. 4. Hukkle is an up-tempo tune that getting on is good. I like this tune. When dancing as club music, it is fit. YO!The cheer named Japan is Oriental. The melody of the saxophone and the trumpet that flows to the whole volume uplifts feelings. Do ska, and the harmony of the melody of the trumpet and the saxophone like jazz and the sampled voices is exquisiteness. The body begins to move naturally. 5. Arek starts by the rhythm of the bass drum and high-hat cymbals of an average heavy electronica. A simple melody of the typical synthesizer used for the techno that appears gradually overlaps. The accent of the piano roll of the music scale that gradually becomes long sometimes flow is impressive. 6. Y.H.F . It is a tune that listens easily. peel off and start from the melody that popular , is beautifulIt is a disco sound that intersects with musical instruments and melodies various music scales, and is beautifully settled. It is settled overall tune.


2010 to 2011

I record the photograph and the comment here for the memo of daily life. This is a record that traveled around Japan with my wife between 2010 and 2011. These photographs were taken with PENTAX OPTIO I-10. This top photograph is Sunset from Seto Big Bridge in Japan. The setting sun inserted through wisps of cloud becomes a backlight, and the reflection of a beautiful surface of the water is shown. Our travel starts from "Read More".