Music Review of Takkyu Ishino

I review the music of Takkyu Ishino this time. He released "Cruise" that was the original solo work after an interval of six years. He had been inventing a lot of masterpieces for 20 years with the unit (Pierre Taki & Takkyu Ishino) of Denki Groove. It is a mini album that collected the techno tracks that should be called a state-of-the-art electronica of the universal standard this time. 1. FEB4 is settled track never intense. In the rhythm of the bass drum like 130BPM, it is a snare with a little small expansion. The timing of the percussion of the bongo is exquisiteness. It is a small metallic sound, and is low and a base of two steps. Gradual wave and tempo like long board of surfing. The number of musical instruments is made a minimum. 2. In Spring Divide, it is a tempo of 130BPM, and, similarly, the baseline is a track where the feature is never intense. A sound smart because of an irregular metallic sound of the percussion instrument is comfortable. Accent of two wind instrument music scales. A gradual wave is casual and suitable good track. 3. SpinOut is an intense tune for a moment. The overlapping synthesizer sound of two music scales stands out. There is a percussion in backing. It looks like a German, general, minimal techno. 4. Hukkle is an up-tempo tune that getting on is good. I like this tune. When dancing as club music, it is fit. YO!The cheer named Japan is Oriental. The melody of the saxophone and the trumpet that flows to the whole volume uplifts feelings. Do ska, and the harmony of the melody of the trumpet and the saxophone like jazz and the sampled voices is exquisiteness. The body begins to move naturally. 5. Arek starts by the rhythm of the bass drum and high-hat cymbals of an average heavy electronica. A simple melody of the typical synthesizer used for the techno that appears gradually overlaps. The accent of the piano roll of the music scale that gradually becomes long sometimes flow is impressive. 6. Y.H.F . It is a tune that listens easily. peel off and start from the melody that popular , is beautifulIt is a disco sound that intersects with musical instruments and melodies various music scales, and is beautifully settled. It is settled overall tune.