Bridgestone Eurasia Touring Restoration

Japanese company "Bridgestonen" famous for tire manufacture released "Eurasia" is a sport bicycle representing Japan. Eurasia was manufactured for about ten years after 1976. A frame is iron (although the quality of the material is stated as chromium molybdenum steel, it is not certain). I got the "Eurasia" touring frame made from 1981 or 1982 this time. It was status that we who were schoolchildren ride on the road bike of a drop handle those days. It began to be in fashion from the 19870s, and probably, the sport bicycle boom which reached the peak in the 1980s had profits, so that the tire company produced the bicycle. A sport bicycle called Bridgestonen "ROADMAN" in us the schoolchildren was yearning. For adults, the touring bicycle of this "Eurasia", Maruishi "Emperor" and Araya, or Miyata was famous at that time. I was charmed by the touring bicycle in an instant. Recently, I consider only the bicycle. The heart was taken from the masculinity in me by a motion and brightness of the machine parts.