Today's Foto "Renew My Snakehead's Aquarium"

I did cleaning my fish tank yesterday. It was my work left for a long time. First, the present water is moved to a bucket together with a snakehead. If a snakehead is held so that eyes may be covered with an index finger and the thumb, it will not riot. Let's use, if there is a network. The old tank soil was the hard edge sand for hydroculture. Sand having hard edge damages for snakehead inside mouth, when a snakehead eats the food which fell to the bottom. I purchased soil like round 5-kg ground of 1300 yen. I washed all the parts in a fishtank on the veranda. This soil has the character which rounded the ground. If soil put into an empty tank and water is poured out, it will become muddy, so that it becomes uneasy about whether it becomes really clear. Don't throw away water here. If a filter is turned on and it will place for one day, it will become transparent completely. And I bound with thread Willow Moss who floated underwater and was being increased to driftwood. It seems that a seaweed is fixed to driftwood by this work. Cotton is used for thread. It is because cotton yarn melts into water later. It seems that it is pleasing soon although the snakehead which finished general cleaning and to which it made it move was puzzled at first. Soil was dug and room was made.


Shag Tobacco Shop in Kitakyushu City

If you're looking for roll your own shag tobacco at Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan, you may view this site. I had to go to distant places to buy a shag. However, when asked by Shag tobacconists are selling in the neighborhood recently to shag me and want my stock.

Kokura Minamiku, Kitakyushu City

1-2-6 Uomachi, Kokurakitaku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan.
You can buy any tobacco, sigarettes, rolling paper, cigar, rolling machine and more. Kokura's most extensive selection of products.

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Open 6am close 7pm.
1-21-1 Moritsune Honmachi, Kokuraminamiku, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka, Japan.
Here is the tobacco shop was my favorite recently. There have some little bit wooden hand pipe, rolling papers, roll your own shag tobacco (COLTS any flava, DRUM, DOMINGO, etc).

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Yahatanishiku, Kitakyushu City

1-8-3 Kurosaki, Yahatanishiku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan.
Open until midnight, Sunday and holiday closed. Any cigalettes you can buy here. Pipe tobacco, hand pipe, Cigar, Shag and more. Place is front of the triangle park in Kurosaki.

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Yukuhashi City

3-6-10 Chuo, Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka, Japan.

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Don Quijote Kokura
2-2-16 Nakatsuguchi, Kokurakitaku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan.
10AM - 5AM There have some rolling paper, shag tobacco (Colts, Domingo etc.).

Don Quijote Kurosaki


Changed ASTROLOUNGE Blog Template

I was accompanied by a change in the design blog poptoonstudio, blogs have changed the design of ASTROLOUNGE. ASTROLOUNGE are using Blogger. First, the concentration of red and blue lines reminiscent (sunlight) like the Tibetan national flag background changed to the orange shabby photography. I changed to a pale yellow background color of the post. The margin of the header logo and added gentle circles drawn by Illustrator.


Today's Foto "Thamel House Restaurant"

This photo was taken when a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal made ​​us. Pagoda architecture of this superb restaurant in the heart of Kathmandu, Thamel district is to provide a food store famous Newari foods. appended with marvelously adorned wood carved windows doors and brick walls at a glance, you will see that the building has been taken care of lovingly and graciously and that it is clean and well maintained. This is the Thamel House Restaurant, a traditional restaurant with fine cuisine.
After all, we could not go to this restaurant. Newari Food is our King is too high. We are studying how to make Dal Bhat returned to Japan, was reproduced. My wife found a trick: put a baked rice Dal. In Nepal, I was just eating pasta or Chowmen. Dal Bhat is delicious. Lentil soup with coriander and cumin are entering a work of art. Basmati rice is healthy to eat this soup every day. Your cholesterol level will decrease. Blood flow is most effective, excess fat is reduced. You will lose weight. Iron, spinach and supplements from the wok.

Thamel House Restaurant Official Website

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