Illustration: "Boom Shankar" Respect The Shiva

This illustration draw by iPhone app Art Studio Lite. I remade the religious painting of the Hindu by whom beautiful Shiva was drawn. Shiva is the most popular in Hindu God of India. Dreadlocks long to a blue skin and a palm are beige, and OM is written. If Shiva gets angry, a town will be devastated, and it is popular as a cool hero as a symbol of male strength. Shiva wound the cobra around his neck. And closes leopard fur. Shiva having destroy and transform. Shiva have not mercy and affection known by out of Hindu because Shiva is destroy god. But they misconception to it. Siva brings about various destructive natural disasters. However, a destructive natural disaster also has a field good for people. A storm floods a river and pours people's house. However, rain gives grace to crops and an animal.