Review of the DOMINGO Hydrostone

Cigarettes were about $4 to excess for $5 recently in Japan. It is not possible to shake the smoking habit, because I am a habitual smoker. I changed from box cigarette to roll cigarette by myself. Because it is a good cost performance. but having little trouble rolled for myself. I bought the leaf of the brand named DOMINGO. Then, the cigarette shop served the stone in the photograph.

Instruction for uses
Allow the Hydrostone to soak for 2 to 3 minutes in water. Then place the stone in your Domingo tobacco. The evaporation effect gives you a moist and pleasant tobacco to smoke. This stone can be reused.

The cigarette leaf becomes bitter when it dry. Moderate moisture makes the taste mild. Therefore, this stone is important.

Today's Photo

Today is very cold day in Kokura. Lowest temprature is -2 degrees, Highest is 0 degrees. It is unusual in Fukuoka. We did close our shop and went home of my wife's family. We went to get the Kotatsu. Because it was not used in her parents' houses. Kotatsu is a heating appliance of Japan. An electric heater has adhered on the back side of the top board of a small low table. And, the cotton enters blanket put on it like the tablecloth. Moreover, another top board is put. It is a device that doesn't let the heat of the heater go on the outside.