I respect the Amsterdam, Netherlands doping sanctuary. Amsterdam is the most famous for the world as a dispatch city of a cannabis culture. A cannabis store called a coffee shop in Amsterdam stands in a row. From the cannabis cup performed every year, it competes for the quality of cannabis. In Amsterdam, various improvement of cannabis was given and the cannabis containing more powerful THC and its brand have been induced. However, the cannabis containing THC with powerful your not forgetting is the same as the strong alcohol of frequency. That it is popular produces a trip with positive cannabis which tasted and basked in much deep natural sunlight like not alcohol content but beer, or wine.

Although this design was created in the spring of 2011, it puts the heart of gratitude this time and provides a visitor with it with the service price near the cost price.

This is not made in Netherlands.
Printed in Japan.
Grateful Price: 1,600yen (Including Tax)
Sale on T-SHIRTS TRINITY online store.