Continuation of Surprise!!! The Nerd's world!!

We visited in an event called Comic City Fukuoka on Sunday. My wife and me does not like the nerd who is Japanese culture. However, since he liked anime and comics, the wife's daughter escorted. The Comic City was held in the Yahoo! dome of Fukuoka. The Yahoo! dome is a baseball stadium representing Fukuoka. Comic City is a market where 4000 shops sell a coterie magazine known "DOJINSHI". The number of visitors exceeds it far. An admission fee is 900 yen. Registration of costume play is also performed.

We woke up at 7:00 a.m. for 11:00 a.m. to opening of an event. It rained. We rode on the highway and arrived in 1 hour and a half. Rain did not stop at Fukuoka 60 km away from our place. Since it is Sunday, it is heavy-trafficked. We reached the Yahoo Dome and parked the car in the parking lot. Surprise of the first appeared immediately. A car hardly exists in the parking lot there. Because, it is a gathering of people without the custom of riding in a car. They lived in the inconvenient place when we did not have a car, such a spectacle was seen for the first time. Since it lives in the city, a car is unnecessary. There are many people who like a train and a bus. We rose escalator and looked for the entrance gate. He accompanied the roof and we walked around the huge circular building so that it might not get wet to rain. In the building, many persons have already sat down and waited. We can see them over the glass. We were surprised. The roof of the dome-like building was accompanied and people were standing in the long line. We looked at people who stand in a line out of a roof, and I decided to bring an umbrella from a car. While 5 minutes, I brought the umbrella from the car, people's sequence was increasing. It was not less than 200 m from the head of a sequence up to the tail end. although we were unavoidable and the tail end was aimed at, arrive very much -- it does not become precocious. People have stood in a line one after another behind which was the tail end us. I decided to pass a wife and a daughter an umbrella and for him to get wet. Since I wore the coat of the nylon material and the hat was also worn, it seldom got wet. We waited in rain about 20 minutes. The wife was ill-humored. Soon, we were able to pay 900 yen of the price for a ticket, and were able to come in. The thick pamphlet was able to be got. When it entered into the building, there was a stand which curry and ramen noodles sell. We were glad for the side to have had a smoking place. We were able to see many people to the ground which is the hall from the stand entrance. It seems that there are 5000 or more persons. A part of stand seat is opened wide and can sit down. The desk extempore on the mound where baseball should be performed is put in order usually.