DOPE EYE "GARCIA" 5.0oz Crew Rib T-Shirts

I designed this T-shirt for this summer. The name of a product is "Garcia." The origin of a name and a logo is from a fishing tackle maker of Sweden called ABU GARCIA. This logo was used from 1950s for the 1960s by ABU GARCIA. An original logo design is little bit differed. I loving  ABU Ambassadeur  reel and collecting. And he likes the logo in which ABU of this Sweden had put a company called GARCIA on the U.S. market as the agency. GARCIA went bankrupt late in the 1970s and it was purchased by ABU. I think ABU reel is the most wonderful and beautiful in the world. And respect Grateful Dead's vocal Jerry Garcia which is my God. And I fused ABU and Jerry. Usually, resist mark has been arranged at the place put on the lightning bolt. Printed lavender color is from Jerry Garcia's tie-dye T-shirts color. Became navy color if print the green T-shirts. This design for Dead Heads also big bass angler!

T-shirts: 5.0oz (United Athle)
Color: White or Sage Blue or Pink or Natural
Size: Youth-XXXL
!!This print is special. It also changes print size according to the size of a T-shirt. It will arrive in the print size as it is which you look at!!
You can purchase using PAYPAL payment system. Shipping cost is UNIFORMLY 1,000yen per 1 item, if you stay everywhere in the world!


Also if you living in Japan. You can purchase T-SHIRTS TRINITY.