Photo: Remember The Vietnam War from Museum

The Vietnam Military History museum in Hanoi is on foot from the center in Hanoi to go away for 30 minutes and depend. Entrance fee is 20,000VND additional 20,000VND you can take photo. 


Photo Edit: YuYuan Backside Down Town Shanghai

Amazing photo from backside downtown of the YuYuan Garden in Shanghai, China. Recently, make rapid progressing in China city side. It was obliged to build a cluster of high-rise buildings, and for the people to escape from socialism, and to get off to a consumer society in urban areas. In order to reduce the people increased too much, the policy which restricted childbirth will reduce a military man. It is because the parents who see out an important only son to war are not. China which continues economic growth as a factory in the world pollutes the atmosphere of its ground, and is soiling the road with people's phlegm. However, many people are very kind and have the soul which helps those who are in trouble. It is reported by media of Japan that an antipathy to Japan, Chinese people, is increasing. By Chinese media, an antipathy to further many Japan is reported, people are operated, and war is fueled. It seems that however, they noticed the government operation.