Photo: Wonderful Animals in Varanasi Street

Varanasi is a holy place of the Hindu representing India. Dying in Varanasi is an ideal most for a Hindu believer. There is the truth of Samsara(Reincarnation) in Hinduism and Buddhism. With Samsara, the suffering to the world is carried over at a next world. However, if it dies in Varanasi, it can be delivered from the Samsara. Various spectacles which we cannot see daily in this Varanasi can be seen. The passage of the narrow stone pavement of the road width complicated like a maze. There is only a monkey with a cow, a dog, a goat, and a human being. It is not so stinking although the droppings of the cow have fallen everywhere. The rows of houses which were old and decayed are powerful just like the movie studio. 

Photo: Back to 1958 an Amazing Calcutta Street

Calcutta(Kolkata) is oldest city of India. 5 million people living this cool, amazing, dramatic city placed on West Bengal. This photo from rooftop of the Maria Guest House Sudder Street.