Today's Foto "Thamel House Restaurant"

This photo was taken when a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal made ​​us. Pagoda architecture of this superb restaurant in the heart of Kathmandu, Thamel district is to provide a food store famous Newari foods. appended with marvelously adorned wood carved windows doors and brick walls at a glance, you will see that the building has been taken care of lovingly and graciously and that it is clean and well maintained. This is the Thamel House Restaurant, a traditional restaurant with fine cuisine.
After all, we could not go to this restaurant. Newari Food is our King is too high. We are studying how to make Dal Bhat returned to Japan, was reproduced. My wife found a trick: put a baked rice Dal. In Nepal, I was just eating pasta or Chowmen. Dal Bhat is delicious. Lentil soup with coriander and cumin are entering a work of art. Basmati rice is healthy to eat this soup every day. Your cholesterol level will decrease. Blood flow is most effective, excess fat is reduced. You will lose weight. Iron, spinach and supplements from the wok.

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