Today's Foto "Yamaguchi Cruise"

This time's Today 's Foto is a photograph when we drive Yamaguchi Prefecture. We obtained information to which the reggae musician in Japan named Yohei Miyake will live show in West Japan. We were fixed for hotel reservations to the town named Tokuyama. However, he postponed a live show. We faced the hotel where the cancel charge was reluctantly generated. It arrived at Tokuyama in about two and a half hours running in the raining highway of the night.


Today's Foto "MARUBA"

This photo took of the live show at ASTROLOUNGE on the last friday. His name is MARUBA played acourstic guitar. He performed with Teppei(Lead Guitar) name is Rumblers played on the Kitakyushu City.


Today's Foto "Earthquake & Tsunami"

This is not a photograph that I took. This borrowed the photograph of the damage of the large earthquake and tsunami in the north west region in Japan. Because I had lived in the southwest provinces, this disaster did not influence it. The image of the tsunami like the movie projected by the TV news will not be able to be forgotten. Tsunami that swallows car that runs without noticing tsunami... The power of the tsunami exceeds the imagination. The large earthquake causes various secondary disasters. Annihilation of town in coast by tsunami. Collapse of nuclear plant and outflow of radioactivity. There is no good and evil distinction and it deprives of the life that exceeds 10,000. The stock of Japan drops greatly sharply. Japanese yen rises.

This is a photograph of the container crane and delivery container of 40 feet thrown by the tsunami like the wood waste. The house made of wood splendidly became asunder.


Today's Foto "Limestone Trekking"

Today's post is a photograph in the karst tableland named Hiraodai of which I took a picture. Hiraodai is a limestone mountain located in Kokuraminami Ward in Kitakyushu City. A vast limestone cave has extended about the limestone that melts to rain under the soil. Because the controlled burning is done at this time, it becomes burnt ruins as shown in the photograph. To maintain the meadow, controlled burn of Japan is done. The tree grows also on the ground of limestone in the climate of Japan if there is a little soil. To obstruct it, controlled burn is done. And, the burnt grass becomes a fertilizer for the grass that grows as follows. However, I do not agree with the controlled burning because I like flow of nature. There are chiefly three limestone caves in Hiraodai. One in that has the limestone cave with a suitable length and difficulty for caving. To advance to the interior of the limestone cave, it is permitted by going the guide. Work suit, boots, headlight, helmet, glove, rope, food, kneepad, elbowpad, and the Divers watch are nessesary gear. Please imagine advancing 2km in the total length by the creeping advancement. It will become the travel of six hours. It is narrow and advances in a ruggedness hole. It walks on the edge of ground where the width of 10cm splits. I have not experienced yet. I want you to note the following if you visit this Nature Reserve. The plant is not gathered. Because there are a lot of scarce plants. It doesn't scribble on the limestone cave. Because time a great amount of though nature is restored is necessary.


Today's Foto "Wood Shaping"

It is a photograph of DIY today. I like smoking pipe. There is a common feature in the fishing reel. The first photograph shaped wood that was the DIY center 20 yen with the retractable knife of OLFA. This wood is planed little by little and a smooth curve is made. The post will gradually show the true colors of the product. I will make a wooden pipe from this wood.

Also as for this, the pipe of another design finishes. This becomes a simple, easy-to-use pipe that uses the rectangular lumber. First of all, the handy size rectangular lumber is bought in the do-it-yourself store. It found it for me for 20 yen in the scrap counter. It is cut in suitable length with the saw. It is shaped with the sandpaper.


DOPE EYE 2011 Spring Logo

This is a logo for fresh spring of DOPE EYE. Amsterdam where a variety of dope items were able to be obtained was imaged. It is a script that treats an elegant magnificent scroll. Because the word put in the blank part was not found, "Mary Jane & Charlie Brown" or "AMSTERDAM" was put for the time being.


This is my favorite digital still camera. "Today's Foto" is all things taken with this camera. I like this small, compact camera. The great shot wants to tell to everyone no one with the camera it. If the point that should be noted is defended, everyone can get the great shot by knowing various techniques.

As for my photograph, vignetting that is one of the photo techniques is multiused. Vignetting is bright the center of the photograph, and phenomenon of the outside's darkening. There is an effect that does the edge in the gradation blacking it also in Picnik. However, it becomes unnatural finished. There is a method of mechanically making the shadow by using the lens hood etc. , too. As for my camera, because the lens cover doesn't open smoothly, nature and the shadow can be done. There is an originality because it can do the shadow in the opposite angle.

Then, it introduces my photograph technique. Because the photograph experience is short, it of me might be wrong.


Today's Foto "Trip, Journey and Cruise"

We went to the cruise in Oita Prefecture. Then I took some photographs for post. This is a photograph where the moss grows in stone bridge. The place is side bridge of Jion watefall, Amagase-cho, Oita, Japan. I pushed the shutter feeling that an orange moss was unusual. An unexpected fact came to light when this orange moss was examined. The scientific name is Trentepohlia aurea. This is not the mosses but algae. They might live because the spray of the waterfall always falls in the bridge. A lot of mosses and algae have grown because Kyushu is rainy much and is abundant water. I pasted this photo to the top because orange was beautiful. And, I like moss and alga. A new civilization building is rotted by them...