DOPE EYE Lightning TEE Fitting Image

Of course, this design is quotation from Grateful Dead. Since I was dead heads, I respected Grateful Dead, and imitated and did the pattern of lightning. This lightning has few projections than the lightning of Grateful Dead. Although this design was introduced before, it released newly with a 5-oz thin body this time. A body is United Athle. a model Dyumbo Hashweed. A hat and shorts are KAVU(s). When he went to a camp the other day, my wife took a photograph. You can purchase this T-shirt. It is broad size deployment from kids to XXXL in all the 21 colors. The price is 3600 yen (including tax). Although dispatch to overseas from this site cannot be performed, please a message gives me the one more needed. I will send for a cheaper shipping.

Custom Painted Coleman Two Burner 413H

This Two Burner is custom-made which I painted. The reason applied to the yellow body is that Coleman had put the stove of the yellow body on the market by collaboration with some company. The burner had scarcity value, and since it was a high price, I did custom-made stripes. Although the body of 413H which I purchased in medieval times is a little rusty, it is in good condition.