Today's Foto "Earthquake & Tsunami"

This is not a photograph that I took. This borrowed the photograph of the damage of the large earthquake and tsunami in the north west region in Japan. Because I had lived in the southwest provinces, this disaster did not influence it. The image of the tsunami like the movie projected by the TV news will not be able to be forgotten. Tsunami that swallows car that runs without noticing tsunami... The power of the tsunami exceeds the imagination. The large earthquake causes various secondary disasters. Annihilation of town in coast by tsunami. Collapse of nuclear plant and outflow of radioactivity. There is no good and evil distinction and it deprives of the life that exceeds 10,000. The stock of Japan drops greatly sharply. Japanese yen rises.

This is a photograph of the container crane and delivery container of 40 feet thrown by the tsunami like the wood waste. The house made of wood splendidly became asunder.