Photo: Hida mountains aka Northern Alps in Japan

This is an Abou peak which is a border between prefectures in Gifu Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture. Altitude is 1790 m. The No. 158 line which escapes from between an Akandana mountain and Abou mountains. I wanted to see the Alps, Japan, after which it was yearning from already. Since I was poor at mountain climbing, I reached to the place which can go by car. The road in Nagano had poor pavement and its run was severe. I expected the beauty of the Alps. But, the Akandana mountain was a very big active volcano. It was the far devastated mountain that it is beautiful. The rock had exposed the surface of a mountain. Trees were felled by the landslide. Steam had blown and come out from the everywhere of a mountain. It seemed to be hell. We were surprised at the signboard written to be explosion cautions. Soon, it came to the Abou road of the charged tunnel. But, we climbed the Abou peak which is an old road. That is because I wanted to enjoy a mountain fully. The Abou peak had steep slope uphill and hairpin curve. The infernal scene disappeared gradually. The mountain range on which the snow which does not disappear in the distance was put could be seen. When the summit of the mountain of the peak was crossed and it went into Gifu Prefecture, scenes completely differed. It is this photograph. The scene of the Japan Alps which I expected was this.