Silk Screen Print to the Recycle Paper

This is a business card of the recycling paper that I ordered to the factory in Nepal. It is silk screen print because the offset printing is not widespread to Nepal. Such a papercraft of Nepal is a rough, natural feeling of quality and has getting warm piercingly. The papercraft made from the plant named Lokta that can be caught in the high ground in Himalayas is typical. All the possibilities such as the poster, the calendar, the postcard, the letter paper and envelope, the dressing case, the garment tag, booklets, and the packing materials extend though I made the business card this time. In addition, it corresponds to the ink of white and fluorescence because the print is a silk screen. I can receive the order for this natural handicraft Printing all over the world. If you have the Paypal account, it is possible to order easily though the price list has not been completed yet. The price of the business card that I made this time is recorded as a sample. Paper is recycling paper. The back is a print of one color on the surface by two colors. The number of sheets is 500 pieces (This is a minimum lot). It is 80 US$s including the frame charge, the commission, and EMS carriage. Please give this price to me as a standard. The price will change according to the number of the material, thickness, and the color of paper. It is necessary for the frame charge only first time. The print of the addition will become cheap a little. Please feel free give to me of the message if you are interested.