Today's Foto "September 23th 2011"

It was very pleasant at fine weather on that day. We ran the neighborhood by car. Contrast is brought to the air to which the clouds scattered all over a blue sky were transparent. Fortunate scenery was stored in the photograph.


Framed "Big Frog" Poster

This is a poster of the Kyushu tour of band called Big Frog. Although a Big Frog is a jam band representing Japan, it is not working now. In Japan, it was a jam band which makes it bear a close resemblance to Grateful Dead uniquely. Since it was female vocal, there was much light and pleasant music. The Big Frog was the style which took in many countries, bluegrass, rock'n'roll, and blues. Performances of a Big Frog was given even in the United States. If you want this poster, please a message gives me. Although it runs short, I can sell this poster (Only poster, not including the frame). I can sell you with $15 (Needs additional shipping cost). The frog illustration model from Costa Rican Frog or Red eyed tree frog. Poster size is A2 (420cm x 594cm = 16.54 x 23.39 inch). Printed by offset print. Drew by Dyumbo Hashweed 2006 poptoonstudio allright reserved.
Big Frog Official Biography
Big Frog emerged on the Tokyo music scene in 1996. From the get-go, they crafted infectiously psychedelic grooves with the ability to cross over into multiple genres. Their penchant for long, improvisational jams brought something previously unseen to the Japanese music world. Their high-energy 2-set shows were constantly evolving and always unique. It didn’t take long for the freaks to start melting out of the woodwork and into the clubs to partake in these events, known as bleshings…And thus were born the BFH (Big Frog Heads). In recent years, prominent bands in the American jam scene have started recognizing Japan as a new frontier. Big Frog and their growing fan base have helped pave the way for some of these bands looking to make their mark in Japan. They’ve shared the stage with several such bands and have occasionally appeared as the opening act for bands such as Phish and Moe.. In 2000, Big Frog ventured away from Japan to play a short U.S. tour. They have since enjoyed several other stints in Europe and the states. In 2005, they played Moe.down, and were invited to engage in a band switch during one of Moe.’s sets. The band has undergone a few personnel changes over the years, and its musical style is in a perpetual state of metamorphosis. The current line-up features Sato on acoustic guitar / lead vocals, Ton on drums / sampling / vocals, Shimi on bass / vocals and Moccos on guitar / vocals. The band’s sound has evolved into straight-up rock-n-roll infused with elements from the frenetic energy of Tokyo surrounding them…A sort of hyper-hybrid Tokyo rock, if you will. Their repertoire touches on a myriad of themes, and the bulk of their songs are sung in English. Big Frog spends a great deal of its time touring throughout Japan, from remote backwaters to the big cities, and it’s not uncommon for the band to be on the road for months at a time. In 2005, they released their first studio album, Groovers on the Marble. Their second studio album is slated for release this summer. Check it out!

Sato (Vocals), Ton (Drums/Cho), Shimi (Bass/Cho), Moccos(Guitar/Cho)

Big Frog Official Website: http://www.bigfrog.jp/
Big Frog Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bigfrogjp


Today's Foto "September 7th 2011"

The continuation from last time. We left Yabakei and went in the direction of Kumamoto Airport from twilight at night. It is because a very nice hotel is near Kumamoto Airport. We enjoyed the meal in the hotel fully and checked out at noon of the next day. We went to the Aso milk farm visited before. This photograph was taken in a sightseeing spot called Takachiho gorge in Miyazaki.


Today's Foto "September 6th 2011"

We left towards south before sunset so that we may go to Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture. A photograph is a photograph of a ravine called Yabakei. This area is abundant in humidity and moss and a forest are rich sightseeing spots. A mountain changes to yellow or red with autumnal leaves in autumn. Yabakei is large and this photograph is famous for the tunnel Buddhism monk dug by hand wich called Aonodomon. The Buddhist priest's name is Zenkai. A Buddhist temple famous in Kyushu is near the Yabakei. The name is Rakanji. In the 1700s, Zenkai was traveling in each part of Japan. This area was visited in the trip. In this difficult part with a precipitous cliff, it was the dangerous way where the chain was attached to the slope of a mountain at that time. On the way, the passerby was often seen fall and die. Zenkai saved funds by religious mendicancy in order to make a safe way, and it dug the tunnel over 30 years. However, a Buddhist's Zenkai is the legend of having collected the toll of the completed tunnel.


Topic: The Japanese Tradition

This post is told about Japanese sushi. The Japanese comedian "Rahmens" made this movie. Please never imitate. Because, many mistakes are included in this movie. Refer to Wikipedia for how to eat true sushi.